Seminars and Conferences

The following seminars and conferences are required constituents of our fellowship program:

Core Curriculum in Geriatrics and the Sciences of Aging
Principle Instructors: Faculty in Geriatric Medicine and Geriatric Psychiatry and other faculty from the subspecialties of medicine, surgery, biostatistics, law and ethics, health care administration, neuroscience.
Description: Lectures cover the range of social, diagnostic, therapeutic, basic science, medical/legal, ethical, and health delivery issues (socioeconomic, cost containment) as well as research methodology.
Schedule: One hour weekly 40 sessions).

Journal Club
Principle Instructors: Faculty in Geriatric Medicine and Geriatric Psychiatry
Description: Review of selected papers on the biological, social, and psychological determinants and treatments of late life mental disorders. Fellows are taught to critically review the pertinent literature and to acquire skills for life-long learning.
Schedule: One hour, weekly for one year (40 sessions).

Geriatric Psychiatry Rounds
Principle Instructor: Dr. Kennedy
Description: A joint medicine/psychiatry conference conducted on the in-patient medicine wards. Residents present a case and Dr. Kennedy interviews the patient and/or family; focused on mental illness among older adults and practitioner communication skills in an acute care setting.
Schedule: One hour, every other week (20 sessions).

Geriatric Grand Rounds
Principle Instructors: Faculty from Geriatric Medicine and Psychiatry
Description: An interdisciplinary case-based conference in which cases are chosen on a rotational basis from in-patient and out-patient medicine, psychiatry and nursing home sites. Communication skills, ethics, economics and cost containment issues are also addressed.
Schedule: One hour, weekly (40 sessions).

Medication Management Rounds
Principle Instructors: Dr. George (medicine) and Dr. Kennedy (psychiatry)
Description: Fellows present the list of medications and diagnoses from a nursing home, home-care or out-patient case for a formal review of indications, contraindications, drug interactions, polypharmacy, and alternative treatments.
Schedule: Twice monthly

Nursing Home Case Conference
Principle Instructors: Dr. Kennedy (psychiatry) and Dr. Malik (medicine)
Description: A joint medicine/psychiatry conference conducted at the nursing home. Fellows present a case and Dr. Kennedy interviews the patient and/or family; focused primarily on mental illness, communication skills and ethical dilemmas in the nursing homes.
Schedule: One and one half hour, twice monthly (20 sessions).

Principle Instructor: Dr. Bello (neuroradiology)
Description: CAT scans and MRI’s of the brain and neuropsychological assessments from patients are reviewed by faculty to advance the Fellows' understanding of instrumental diagnostic procedures.
Schedule: One and one half hour, bi-monthly (5 sessions).

Psychiatry Grand Rounds
Principle Instructors: visiting presenters.
Description: Formal presentations of topics in psychiatry.
Schedule: One and one half hour each week for 10 months (40 sessions).

Annual Einstein Symposium "The Comprehensive Approach to Dementia" (now in its 13th year)
Principle Instructors: Dr. Kennedy and nationally recognized authorities in dementia.
Description: Formal presentations with audience interaction held at the New York Academy of Medicine.
Schedule: Day long symposium, first week in March (5.5 contact hours).

Geriatric Psychiatry Seminar
Principle Instructor: Dr. Scalmati
Description: Instruction in structured diagnostic interviews, neurological assessments, objective measures of depression, and impairments in memory, executive dysfunction, and communication.
Schedule: Weekly conferences (40 sessions).

Ethics Conference
Principle Instructor: Hanna Lipman
Description: Application of an ethical framework in developing treatment plans Understanding health care proxy, DNR, living will and end-of-life decision making. Review of basic topics including: Autonomy, Paternalism, Competency, Patient’s Rights and Conflict Mediation. Understanding the role of the Bioethics consultation in the acute care setting.
Schedule: Once monthly.

Supervision and Conference Schedules
  Psychiatry OPD or Home Care & NORC Psychiatry OPD Nursing Home or OPD Psychiatry OPD Psychiatry OPD
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30 OPD team supervision:
Dr. Scalmati
9:00 Supervision:
Dr. Colemon
Dr Kennedy
9:30   Twice monthly presentation    
10:30   Supervision Psychiatry Grand Rounds  
11:00       Supervision: Dr Colemon
12:00 Ethics or Geri Psych Seminar: Dr. Scalmati Core curriculum   Geriatric psychiatry or Medication Management Rounds
1:00 2:30
Weekly intake or observed interview
2:00     Geriatric Team Conference  
3:00     Journal Club with Geriatric Medicine  
4:00   Nursing home case preview or Neuroradiology rounds