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Training and Open Access Lab

Training and Open Access Lab:

If you have been carrying out mass mapping with the LMAP staff scientists, but have a long term need for this work, we are happy to train a qualified student, postdoctoral fellow, or technician to operate the MALDI-TOF  mass spectrometer and carry out effective bioinformatics searches.  This has been a highly successful program that also provides cost-savings to Einstein research laboratories.  Permission must be obtained from Dr. Angeletti or Ed Nieves.   After you have been trained, you can obtain 24/7 access to the lab to do mass spectrometry.  

For those who have frequent need for straightforward electrospray ionization mass measurements or LC-MS, we can also provide training on the LTQ ion trap mass spectrometer (with approval from the Director, Dr. Angeletti). This program has also been highly successful for members of several AECOM laboratories.

The success of this program depends on the sense of community and responsibility of all participants.  



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