Downloadable Softwares

  • A simple Fortran program to study enzyme kinetics. Kinetic Monte-Carlo algorithm is used to simulate the diffusion-reaction process between enzymes and their substrates. ( documentation, download)
  • Reference: Z. Xie, J. Chen and Y. Wu , "A coarse-grained model for the simulations of biomolecular interactions in cellular environments". Journal of Chemical Physics (2014) 140: 054112.

Online Servers

  • An online server that was developed to predict the kinetic rate of protein association. Proteins are modeled by the coarse-grained representation. Molecular flexibility can be included in the conformational sampling through the integration of Elastic Network Model. (coming soon)
  • Reference: Manuscript in preparation


  • An interface fragment pair library was constructed from the current structure database of protein complexes. The library includes 459 clusters and each cluster is represented by a structural model of the corresponding interface fragment pair. We expect this new library will be useful to predict structures of unknown protein-protein interactions. (coming soon)
  • Reference: Z. Xie, J. Chen and Y. Wu , "Decomposing the space of protein quaternary structures with the interface fragment pair library" under review.


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