The Translational Neuroimaging Laboratory – Michael L. Lipton, M.D., Ph.D.

MRI Physics

Since 2001 Dr. Lipton has presented his one week intensive course, “Introducing MRI”. The course is given at the Gruss MRRC twice annually and receives consistently outstanding reviews. Taking students through MRI "from A to Z" without assuming any specific technical or mathematical background, "Introducing MRI” comprises 30 hours of highly interactive instruction. Two key features underpinning the accessibility of the course are its rigorous, yet largely non mathematical approach and its emphasis on direct relevance of key concepts to the creation of clinically useful MR images of all types. Click here to view frequently asked questions!

Ways to access "Introducing MRI"

Totally Accessible MRI

totally accessible mri Totally Accessible MRI, written by Dr. Lipton, is a highly readable companion to the live course. It can be purchased on Amazon.


Thank you for providing these videos. These do really help when studying these concepts.

Ricci H

This man is a rockstar!

Ken C

Thank you so much for recording these lecture and posting them!! NOTHING has come close to being as clear and understandable to me concerning MR physics. I can not thank you enough.

Leann K

Thanks prof for magnificent information and explanation for these basics.

Mimu M

Thank you for sharing this amazing knowledge.

Phur T

Absolutely fantastic! So far, best tutorial for MRI physics I've ever encountered. I've binge watched in the past few days and I'm excited about the next chapters.

Adriano L

I just started this wonderful lecture. Thank you!

Minkook S

Great videos here, thank you Sir for sharing this knowlege.

Richard D

Thank you for this wonderful collection of lectures on MRI, Dr. Lipton!

Ken C

Great clarity and pace, thank you!

Ginger S

Thank you so much for sharing this!! Dr. Lipton is such a great teacher.



Anil R

You have broken the MRI technology into pieces-to the simplest level for a dummy. Albert Eisenstein said if you can not explain well enough it means you don't understand it well enough. Thank you

Abdulrauf A

Thanks a lot! Very helpfull!

Zahrina M

Best study material and way of presentation

Akhilesh D

You are amazing. I've been trying to understand my lecturer's notes for the past 2 hours and you made more sense to me in 7 minutes than he ever has. Thank you.

Denise J

Thank you for clarification, as always!

Vijay M

Just fantastic!

Adriano L

Best lecture about perfusion MRI that I know. Congratulations!

Marlo T

I think I'm slightly in love with this man. THANK YOU!

Benyamin D
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