Human Genomics in Development and Disease

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In the Media

Cancer's Wandering Gene
Discover, December 2011

The Origins of Jewish Creativity  
Moment Magazine, November/December 2011

Who Are the Jews? Genetic Studies Spark Identity Debate
Science, June 11, 2011

Forward 50, 2010
Forward, October 27, 2010

The Ties that Bind
Forward, August 11, 2010 

Studies Show Jews’ Genetic Similarity
New York Times, June, 06, 2010 

The DNA of Abraham’s Children: Analysis of Jewish genomes refutes the Khazar Claim
Newsweek, June 3, 2010

Jews Worldwide Share Genetic Ties
Nature News, June 03, 2010

Boy or Girl? A Genetic Switch for Determining Gender is Found
NYU Physician, Winter 2010-2011  

The Chosen Genes
Chronicle of Higher Education, April, 15, 2012

The Secret Life of Jewish Genes
Moment Magazine, July 2012

Is There a Jewish Gene?
New York Review of Books, December, 06, 2012

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