Human Genomics in Development and Disease

New High Risk Breast Cancer Research Study: Genomics of Breast Cancer Risk (GENBCR)

We are conducting an exciting new research study aimed at identifying new genes and causal variants associated with breast cancer risk. Using whole exome sequencing, we will be studying families with multiple cases of breast and ovarian cancer, and individuals with early onset breast cancer.

To qualify, families must have at least 3 cases of breast and/or ovarian cancer in a single lineage (at least one case must be breast cancer), at least 2 family members affected with cancer must participate, and all must be BRCA1 and BRCA2 negative.

Individuals who have had breast cancer under age 35 who do not have a family history of breast cancer, and their unaffected parents, may also participate.

Participants may see if they are eligible for the study by filling out an eligibility survey found at the below link:

For more information please contact the study Genetic Counselor, Susan Hiraki, at 


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