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Casadevall Lab 2011Casadevall Lab 2010Casadevall Lab 2008 Casadevall Lab 2007 Casadevall Lab 2006 Casadevall Lab 2005  

8th ICCC 2011, Charleston - Sabriya, Jacky, Carolina, and Julie8th ICCC 2011, Charleston - Julie and Carolina 8th ICCC 2011, Charleston - Julie, Carolina, Jacky, Radames, Sabriya, and Helene 8th ICCC 2011, Charleston - dancing Radames and Sabriya 8th ICCC 2011, Charleston - Radames, Jacky, Julie, Andre, Patricia, Carolina, and Marcio 8th ICCC 2011, Charleston - Jacky, Carolina, Julie, Radames, Sabriya, Patricia, and Andre  

game night 2011 - Carolina, Carlos, Sabriya, Julie, Radames, Alena, Eric, and Jackygame night 2011 - Radames, Arthee, Julie, Sabriya, Eric, Carolina, Jacky, Carlos, and Alena Carolyn's defense - Cara, Patricia, Emma, Andre, Jacky, and CAROLYN!! Sabriya's Birthday Arturo at lab lunch Lab lunch 2009  

Lab lunch 2008Lab lunch summer 2007Lab lunch spring 2007Lab lunch winter 2006 Game night 2009 Game night 2009  

Magdia defense 2009 Rafael having fun in lab Arturo, Nareen, and Cara Graduate reception - Mauricio, Erin, and Luis Graduate reception - Luis and Arturo Departmental boat trip 2007 

Arturo at his induction as the Chair of Microbiology and Immunology 2007 Arturo at his induction as the Chair of Microbiology and Immunology 2007 Good times Picnic at Josh's house - Cara and Oscar Picnic at Josh's house - Mauricio and Josh Picnic at Josh's house - Emily, Nareen, and Cara 

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