Aims and Goals

The overall facility operations of comparative pathology and histotechnology are administered by Dr. Barbara Cannella. Pathology consultation and evaluation performed by Dr. Rani Sellers.

This institutional core facility provides a full range of services for two divisions:

Comparative Pathology:  Most analyses are conducted on models using genetically manipulated mice. We are also experienced in other species such as rats, rabbits, prosimians, fish and primates.

Histology: Full service from fixation to staining.

We provide:

  • Complete services for routine tissue processing, embedding and sectioning.
  •  H&E staining and a variety of special stains.
  • Consultation and advice for all histology and pathology enquiries.
  • Interpretation of final sections after all types of staining
  • Pathology evaluation including animal dissection and tissue histology
  • Complete pathology based on phenotype analysis of genetically manipulated mice
  • Mouse embryology
  • Expertise in immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence.
  • Microtome and cryostat and other equipment for rental.

Our tissue processing and all histology procedures are designed to:

  • Optimize tissue fixation
  • Optimize preservation of antigens and cellular detail
  • Orient tissue for sectioning to achieve structure for analysis
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