Tissue Microarray Production

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Tissue Microarray Production


A Chemicon Tissue Arrayer was recently acquired for the production of tissue microarrays (TMA). Microarrays allow for the evaluation of numerous tissue samples on a single slide. A core of tissue from a region of interest is removed from a paraffin embedded tissue block and placed into a donor block. A single donor block may contain hundreds of cores from different tissue samples. When placed in a specific grid pattern, individual cores can be easily identified. The slides sectioned from this tissue array can be stained immunohistochemically and provide a fast and internally controlled method for simultaneous protein expression analysis of hundreds of specimens.


1) Set-up fee for all array requests

  • Record PI info, tissue and source information

  • Template design


TMA of 0-25 cores: $25

TMA of 25-50 cores: $50

TMA of 50-100 cores: $100


2) Array Building--Two Options:

a) Standard TMA (PI chooses region of interest)

 User decides on core size (0.6-2mm)

Price per core: $2.00

b) Inclusive TMA (pathologist chooses regions of interest)

 User decides on core size (0.6-2mm)

Price per core: $4.00

Please contact Dr Rani Sellers (1042) or Dr BarbaraCannella (1043) for more information, Price 158

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