Photo Exhibit Offers Windows on the Developing World

A slideshow featuring images from the recent <i>Global Visions: The Einstein Community Abroad</i>
A slideshow featuring images from the recent Global Visions: The Einstein Community Abroad

An exhibition recently on view along Einstein's "Main Street," in the Forchheimer lobby, proved testament to the adage "a picture is worth 1,000 words." Sponsored by Einstein's Global Health Center (GHC), Global Visions: The Einstein Community Abroad featured 40 photographs taken by Einstein students participating in the College of Medicine's Global Health Fellowship program.

A reception hosted by the GHC kicked off a sale of the photos to benefit a clinic in rural Kisoro, Uganda, where Einstein and its University Hospital, Montefiore Medical Center, have a longstanding partnership with Kisoro District Hospital. Sale of the images continue, and the photos can be viewed in the slideshow on the GHC website. Prints of images that were already ordered are available for pick-up from the center's program manager, Jill Raufman.

Cross-Cultural Connections

The striking images in Global Visions offer a window into underserved communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America where Einstein faculty and medical students, and Montefiore staff and residents, team with local health workers to provide local residents access to quality care.

"It's a deep, warm cross-cultural experience on both sides," said Dr. Jerry Paccione, director of global education for Einstein's primary care and social internal medicine residency program in Kisoro.

"Global health fellowships provide our students with transformative experiences," added Ms. Raufman, who also is director of the GHC fellowship program. "Displaying their photographs allows them to share those experiences with others."

Photographers' POVs

A number of the photographers attended the reception and spoke about their work. Among them was Cynthia Moffitt, class of 2017, whose photo "Yes, All Women," depicts life in the village of Nyagihenge, near Kisoro. "I spent nine weeks in Kisoro last summer," said Ms. Moffitt. "Every Wednesday, I partnered with a social worker and village team leader named Joseph, who specializes in identifying and treating domestic violence cases. In Kisoro, domestic violence is culturally ingrained: it's what men do and what women expect. We facilitated discussion groups on gender-related issues, and through the groups, they're learning that the violence is not okay."  

She added, "I was clicking away with the camera when Joseph asked the women how many had experienced domestic violence. It blew me away to see every hand raised."

The title of Ms. Moffitt's photo was inspired by #YesAllWomen, a worldwide social media campaign in which users share stories of misogyny and violence against women."  

A classmate, Brandon Trapp, described the setting of his photograph, Friends," taken in an Amazon village in Peru. "We set up a clinic in a relatively remote area, and people came from villages along the Amazon and some of its tributaries. We saw 20 to 160 patients a day. No matter how tired I was after a long day at the clinic I reminded myself that this was the one shot these patients had to get the basic care they needed."

The couple Mr. Trapp captured in his image caught his eye because they were the only patients dressed so elaborately. He explained, "The man may be a shaman. He had an eye problem and needed glasses. I left New York carrying pairs of eyeglasses in my backpack, donated by a Morris Park optician. None of the lenses were perfect for the shaman but he tried them on until he found the best pair."

All 40 images in the exhibit remain available for purchase, with funds raised supporting the Ugandan clinic. For information about pricing or how to order photos, e-mail


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