Einstein Ranks among World Research Institutions Publishing in Nature

Rankings were based on the number of papers published in <em>Nature</em> research journals during 2013.
Rankings were based on the number of papers published in Nature research journals during 2013.

When Nature recently issued its "Global Top 200" ranking of research institutions, based on the number of papers those institutions published in Nature research journals during 2013, the College of Medicine ranked 67th —ahead of many larger institutions with strong international reputations.

The 2013 rankings focused primary research papers (not reviews) that appeared as articles, letters and brief communications in Nature and/or Nature monthly research journals. For papers with authors from multiple institutions, each institution received "credit" proportional to the number of its coauthors on those papers.

"Our ranking among the world's research institutions is quite impressive under the circumstances," said Dr. Allen M. Spiegel, the Marilyn and Stanley M. Katz Dean of Einstein. "Several institutions ranked in the top 10 are actually aggregates of multiple institutions.

In addition, Nature publishes papers in fields such as physics, engineering, math, computer science—areas where Einstein lacks investigators, unlike major universities represented in the top half of the list. Most important, Einstein achieved this ranking despite its relatively small size compared with many other research institutions—including those that ranked behind it or that didn't make the list.

Dr. Spiegel concluded, "We're very proud of the high level of scientific enterprise and productivity among our research faculty, which this ranking recognizes." He also noted that the Nature rankings are "only one measure of research excellence and don't take into consideration other high profile scientific journals where Einstein also enjoys a strong record of success."


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