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Harry Shamoon, M.D.

Harry Shamoon, M.D.

Associate Dean, Clinical and Translational Research, Einstein

Director, Einstein-Montefiore Institute for Clinical & Translational Research

Professor, Medicine (Endocrinology), Einstein

Attending Physician, Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center

Translational researchClinical researchDiabetes

Dr. Shamoon represents Einstein and Montefiore Medical Center in the NIH’s Clinical and Translational Science Award Consortium, an elite group of 60 medical research institutions working to improve health outcomes by facilitating the translation of scientific discoveries into medical practice. Dr. Shamoon’s research focus is diabetes, and he has directed two landmark NIH studies, the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial and the Diabetes Prevention Program. read more...


Chaim Putterman, M.D.

Chaim Putterman, M.D.

Professor, Medicine (Rheumatology), Einstein

Professor, Microbiology & Immunology, Einstein

Chief, Division of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine, Einstein and Montefiore Medical Center

ArthritisLupusAutoimmune diseases

Rheumatoid arthritis

Dr. Putterman is a clinical rheumatologist who treats arthritis and related musculoskeletal and autoimmune diseases. Dr. Putterman specializes in lupus, an incurable autoimmune disease affecting 1.5 million Americans that causes inflammation, pain and damage to various parts of the body. read more...


Solomon L. Moshe, M.D.

Solomon L. Moshe, M.D.

Professor, Neurology, Einstein

Charles Frost Chair in Neurosurgery & Neurology, Einstein

Vice-Chair & Director, Pediatric Neurology & Clinical Neurophysiology, Department of Neurology, Einstein

Chief, Pediatric Neurology, The Children's Hospital at Montefiore

EpilepsyPediatric epilepsyNeurophysiology

Translational research

Dr. Moshé is an authority on the mechanisms that underlie the development of epilepsy and on the consequences of the disease in infants and children. He is actively involved in several large, multicenter studies examining the outcomes of prolonged febrile seizures and absence epilepsy  to identify predictive biomarkers of the course of these conditions and response to treatment. read more...