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T. Byram Karasu, M.D.

T. Byram Karasu, M.D.

Professor and Chair, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Einstein

Dorothy and Marty Silverman Chair in Psychiatry, Einstein

Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Montefiore Health System

Mental healthDepressionPersonality disorders

Dr. Karasu is a psychiatrist, educator and psychotherapist with extensive experience treating depression and personality disorders. He chaired the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) national task force on the treatment of psychiatric disorders, which produced a seminal, four-volume report describing the therapy for each disorder. He also chaired the APA’s work group on major depressive disorders, whose findings were published in the Practice Guideline for Major Depressive Disorder in Adults. read more...


Steven A. Porcelli, M.D.

Steven A. Porcelli, M.D.

Professor and Chair, Microbiology & Immunology

Professor, Medicine (Rheumatology)

Murray and Evelyne Weinstock Chair in Microbiology & Immunology

Microbiology & ImmunologyT-cell immunityTuberculosis (TB)

Dr. Porcelli studies the control of acquired immunity – the type that develops when our bodies generate specific responses involving antibodies or T cells following exposure to vaccines or infection by disease-causing microbes.  In particular, he investigates how T cells – which supervise both defense against microbes and immune tolerance – control the acquired immune response. read more...