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Eric E. Bouhassira, Ph.D.

Eric E. Bouhassira, Ph.D.

Professor, Medicine (Hematology)

Professor, Cell Biology

Ingeborg and Ira Leon Rennert Professor of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Director, Einstein Center for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Stem cell researchBlood-forming stem cellsCell therapy

Dr. Bouhassira’s work focuses on prompting human embryonic stem cells to develop into hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells. This work could potentially help patients needing transfusions and save lives by expanding the production of customized cells that could be transplanted without risk of rejection.

Dr. Bouhassira also studies the molecular mechanisms that regulate DNA replication when stem cells divide. This research may ultimately allow scientists to reprogram stem cells so that they produce cells customized for transplantation into specific patients. Dr. Bouhassira’s early research was aimed at finding cures for sickle cell disease. More recently, he helped to discover a blood protein that alleviates thalassemia, a debilitating type of inherited anemia.


Additional Areas of Expertise

Bioinformatics, Embryonic stem cells, Gene therapy, Globin genes, Hematopoiesis, Red blood cells, Sickle cell anemia, Thalassemia, Transcriptional regulation


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New York Times

United Press International (UPI)


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Ruth L. and David S. Gottesman Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Department of Medicine

Department of Cell Biology

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Email: eric.bouhassira@einstein.yu.edu

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