Faculty Profile

Dr. Roee Holtzer, Ph.D.

Roee Holtzer, Ph.D.

Professor, The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology

Areas of Research: Interests include: Neuropsychology, cognition, aging, dementia, neurodegenerative diseases, mobility, falls, rehabilitation.

Selected Publications

Select recent publications.*Denotes current or former students as co-authors

*Holtzer R, Jacobs S, Demetriou E. (2019). Intra-Individual Variability in Verbal Fluency
Performance is Moderated by and Predictive of Mild Cognitive Impairments. Neuropschology, [Epub ahead of print].

*Holtzer R, Kraut R, Ye, K. (2019). The effect of fear of falling on prefrontal cortex
activation and efficiency, GeroScience, 41:1, 89-100

*Wagshul ME, Lucas M, Izzetoglu M, Ye, K. Holtzer R. (2019). Multi-modal neuroimaging
of dual-task walking: Structural MRI and fNIRS analysis reveals prefrontal grey matter
volume moderation of brain activation in older adults, NeuroImage, 1:189, 745-754.

George CJ, Verghese J, Izzetoglu M, Wang C, Holtzer R. (2019). The effect of
polypharmacy on prefrontal cortex activation during single and dual-task walking in
community dwelling older adults. Pharmacological Research, 139, 113-119.

*Lucas M, Wagshul ME, Izzetoglu M, Holtzer R. (2019). Moderating Effect of White Matter
Integrity on Brain Activation During Dual-Task Walking in Older Adults. Journal of
Gerontology Biological Sciences, 74:4, 435-441. Editor’s Choice.

*Holtzer R, Izzetoglu M, Chen M, Wang C. (2019). Distinct fNIRS-derived HbO2 trajectories
during the course and over repeated walking trials under single and dual-task conditions:
implications for within session learning and prefrontal cortex efficiency in older adults. Journal
of Gerontology Medical Sciences, 18;74(7):1076-1083.

*Pillemer S, Ayers E, Holtzer R. (2018). Gender stratified analyses reveal longitudinal
associations between social support and cognitive decline in men. Aging and Mental Health,
17, 1-7.

Holtzer R, George CJ, Izzetoglu M, Wang C. (2018). The effect of diabetes on prefrontal
cortex activation patterns during active walking in older adults. Brain and Cognition, 125:14-

*Sleight C & Holtzer R. (2018). Differential associations of functional and cognitive health
outcomes with pre-frailty and frailty states in community-dwelling older adults. Journal of
Health Psychology, (Epud ahead of print).

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