Faculty Profile

Dr. Rosy Chhabra, Psy.D.

Rosy Chhabra, Psy.D.

Research Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics (Academic General Pediatrics)

Community Health Director, Montefiore School Health Program

Selected Publications

Chhabra, R., Springer, C., Leu, C.S., Ghosh, S., Sharma, S.K., Rapkin, B. (2010). Adaptation of an Alcohol and HIV School-Based Prevention Program for Teens. AIDS Behav. 14(1); 177-184. NIHMSID: NIHMS225106 

Chhabra, R., Springer, C., Rapkin, B., Merchant, Y. (2008) Differences Among Male/Female Adolescents Participating in a School-Based Teenage Education Program (STEP) Focusing on HIV Prevention in India. Ethnicity & Disease, Volume 18, No.2 Supplement 2, pp. 123-127.

Rapkin, B., Weiss, E., Chhabra, R., Ryniker, L., Patel, S., Carness, J., Adsuar, R.,  Kahalas, W., DeLaMarter, C., Feldman, I., DeLorenzo, J.P., and Tanner, E. (2008) Beyond satisfaction: Using the Dynamics of Care assessment to better understand patients' experiences in care.  Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, Volume 6:20. PMCID: PMC2323370


Patel, S., Weiss, E.S., Chhabra, R., Ryniker, L., Adsuar, R., Carness, J., Kahalas, W., DeLaMarter, C., Feldman, I., DeLorenzo, J., Tanner, E. and Rapkin, B. (2008). The Events in Care Screening Questionnaire (ECSQ):  A New Tool to Identify Needs and Concerns of People with HIV/AIDS.  AIDS Patient Care and STDs. 22(5): 381-393


Ghosh, SN., Chhabra, R., Springer, C., and Sharma, S. (2008) A Study of Knowledge, Attitude and Sensitivity about HIV/AIDS among School Teachers in northwestern Himalayas. Ethnicity & Disease, Volume 18, No.2 Supplement 2, pp. 172-174

Suchday, S., Chhabra, R., Wylie-Rosett, J., and Almeida, M. (2008) Subjective & Objective Measures of SES: Predictors of Cardiovascular Risk in College Students in Mumbai, India. Ethnicity & Disease, Volume 18, No.2 Supplement 2, pp 235-237

Chhabra, R., Ghosh, S.N., Sharma, S.K. (2007) Need Assessment of an Alcohol and HIV Prevention Education Program for Youth in North Western Himalayas. Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology. Vol. 33, No.1, 5-14.


Burkhalter, J., Springer, C., Chhabra, R., Rapkin, B. and Ostroff, J. (2005) Tobacco Use and Readiness to Quit Smoking in Low Income HIV-Infected PersonsNicotine & Tobacco Research, Volume 7, Number 4; 511-522


DuHamel, K, Ostroff, J, Ashman, T, Winkel, G, Mundy, E, Keane, T, Morasco, B, Vicksberg, S, Hurley, K, Burkhalter, J, Chhabra, R, Scigliano, E, Papadopoulos, E, Moskowitz, C, & Redd, W. (2004) The construct validity of the posttraumatic stress disorder checklist in cancer survivors: Analyses based on two samples. Psychological Assessment, Vol. 16, pp. 255-266.


Chhabra, R., Rapkin, B.D. and Merchant, Y (2003) STEP: School-based Teenage Education Program for HIV Prevention in Mumbai, India. Report submitted to World AIDS Foundation. August, 2003.


Rapkin, B.D., Chhabra, R., Springer, C., Agins, B., Steinbock, C.M., Sharp, M. and  Feldman, I (2001)  Factors Associated with Stability in Quality of Life Ratings among People Living with HIV/AIDS: Response Shift's "Smoking Gun"? Quality of Life Research, Vol. 10, No. 3, Abstracts: 8th Annual Conference of the International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL), p. 204.


Smith, M., Rapkin, B., Winkel, G., Springer C., Chhabra R. & Feldman, I. (2000) Housing Status and Access to Health care for Low Income Persons Living with HIV/AIDS, The Journal of General Internal Medicine. 15(10):731-738 PMCID: PMC1495606

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