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Mr. Meissner is a health planner and program administrator at Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY where since 1990 he has focused on developing community based primary care service and research programs for the medically underserved. He is currently the Director of Research Program Development in the Office of the Medical Director for Research.  He is the Network Coordinator for the New York City Research Improvement Networking Group (NYC RING), which he helped found in 2000.  He is the Program Director for the Ryan White Part C funded CICERO Program which serves over 1000 HIV+ people and their family members in a network of 10 community health centers in the Bronx.  He has a special interest in implementing community-based services and research programs for people with HIV and has worked on programs for women, palliative care, outreach, substance abuse, single room occupancy hotel residents, and buprenorphine. His currently involved in integrating comparative effectiveness research into service delivery, quality improvement, and health systems programming activities. His focus is on dissemination and implementation science research.  He received his MSPH in Health Policy and Administration from the University of North Carolina in 1986. 

Selected Publications

Miriam Steele, Howard Steele, Jordan Bate, Hannah Knafo, Michael Kinsey, Karen Bonuck, Paul Meisner, Anne Murphy Looking from the outside in: the use of video in attachment-based interventions, Attachment & Human Development Vol. 16, Iss. 4, 2014 

Kaushal R, Hripcsak G, Ascheim DD, Bloom T, Campion TR Jr, Caplan AL, Currie BP, Check T, Deland EL, Gourevitch MN, Hart R, Horowitz CR, Kastenbaum I, Levin AA, Low AF, Meissner P, Mirhaji P, Pincus HA, Scaglione C, Shelley D, Tobin JN; on behalf of the NYC-CDRN. Changing the research landscape: the New York City Clinical Data Research Network. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2014 May 12.

Murphy, A., Steele, M., Dube, S.R., Bonuck, K., Meissner, P., Bate, J., Goldman, H., Steele,H., Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Questionnaire and Adult Attachment Interview (AAI): Implications for Parent Child Relationships Child Abuse and Neglect. Volume 38, Issue 2, February 2014, Pages 224–233. 

Elaine H Morrato, Thomas W Concannon, Paul Meissner, Nilay D Shah & Barbara J Turner Dissemination and implementation of comparative effectiveness evidence: key informant interviews with Clinical and Translational Science Award institutions, Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research, March 2013, Vol. 2, No. 2, Pages 185-194.

Thomas W. Concannon, Paul Meissner, Jo Anne Grunbaum, Newell McElwee and Jeanne-Marie Guise, et al. A New Taxonomy for Stakeholder Engagement in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research, Journal of General Internal Medicine, Online First™, 13 April 2012  

Anna Flattau MD MSc MS; Manhal Olaywi MD; Paul Gaglio MD; Paula Marcus MD; Paul Meissner MSPH; Emily B.L. Dorfman LMSW; John Reinus MD:  Social Barriers to Adult Liver Transplant Listing: Prevalence and Association with Program Characteristics Social Barriers to Adult Liver Transplant Listing: Prevalence and Association with Program Characteristics, Liver Transplantation 17:1167-1175, 2011. 

Paul R. Marantz, MD, MPH, A. Hal Strelnick, MD, Brian Currie, MD, MPH, Rohit Bhalla, MD, MPH, Paul Meissner, MSPH, Peter A. Selwyn, MD, MPH, Elizabeth A. Walker, PhD, RN, Daphne T. Hsu, MD, Harry Shamoon, MD : Developing a multidisciplinary model of comparative effectiveness research within a CTSA”, Academic Medicine, 2011 June;86(6):712-7. 

Carolyn Chu, M.D., M.Sc; Galina Umanski, M.S.; Arthur Blank, Ph.D.; Paul Meissner, M.S.P.H.; Robert Grossberg, M.D.; Peter A Selwyn, M.D., M.P.H.Co-morbidity-related treatment outcomes among HIV-infected adults in the Bronx, NY. Journal of  Urban Health, 2011 June;88(3):507-16. 


Implementation and Dissemination Science, Columbia University Irving Institute CER/PCOR seminar series, Invited Lecturer, June 9, 2014

D&I and CTSAs: The role of translational research in D&I, Findings from the CTSA Survey Invited lecturer, September 6, 2012, Oregon Health & Sciences University, HIP 505, Reading and Conference: Dissemination and Implementation Research Principles.

Domestic violence interventions in primary care: Policy implications.  With Mary Zachary, American Public Health Association Annual Meeting,Philadelphia,PA November 2002.

Community Oriented Palliative Care: Early Lessons from the Bronx.  With Francine Rainone, American Public Health Association Annual Meeting.  Atlanta,GA.  October, 2001.

Moderator, Practice Based Research Networks Peer Learning Group, Session #3, April 10, 2006, Marketing Your Network to Practices


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