Faculty Profile

Dr. Lisa N. Rappaport, Ph.D.

Lisa N. Rappaport, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics (Developmental Medicine)

Professional Interests

Dr. Rappaport's areas of specialty include neuropsychological evaluations to identify disorders such as learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, pervasive developmental disorders and social emotional disorders. Prevention of reading failure through early identification, and intervention, for children with neuropsychological and psychiatric disorders is an area of expertise.  Counseling, consultation, therapeutic groups and adult attention deficit and learning problems are also areas of interest.

Selected Publications

Rappaport L.N.(2012). Glimpsing the Future: Adult Life with Dyslexia. SmartKids with Learning Disabilities. On line publication, Issue # 40 September 10, 2012.  

Rappaport LN. (2011). Time management and learning disabled children. Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities. On line publication, Issue # 19 May 2, 2011.    

 Rappaport LN. (2006).  Comparison of parents' and teachers' perceptions of children's behavior: A study of attentional problems in a natural setting. Learning Disabilities: A multidisciplinary Journal. Vol 14, No. 2.

 Rappaport LN. (2003). Case Study: Teaching to a Child’s Needs. Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities. Vol 2, #17.  

 Rappaport LN. (2002). Putting evaluation results to use.  Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities. Vol. 2, #15.

 Deson-Rappaport L, Hagin RA. (1999). ADHD: Diagnosis. In B.P. Guyer (Ed.), ADHD: Achieving success in school and in life.  Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon.  



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Children's Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC), Rose F. Kennedy Center

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