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Dr. Maria E. Gulinello, Ph.D.

Maria E. Gulinello, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor, Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience

Areas of Research: Behavioral neuroscience , biological basis of behavior, cognition, social behavior, emotion, pain and analgesia, anxiety, depression, ultrasonic vocalizations

Professional Interests

The Rodent Behavioral Core Facility provides staff, expertise, training, equipment and testing space in order to assess functional outcomes in rodents (and other laboratory animals). We furthermore assist with statistical analysis, manuscript preparation, presentations and experimental design. We have extensive expertise in assessing functional sequelae and novel therapeutics in central and peripheral nervous system disorders and maintain a high degree of rigor, reproducibility and quality control. We also develop novel assays and modify existing assays in accordance with the needs of individual researchers. The Core facilitates multidisciplinary research at every level, including serving as a point of intersection for researchers with different skill-sets, fostering collaborations, disseminating expertise in behavioral neuroscience and statistics, providing assistance with grants, data analysis, experimental design, manuscript writing and providing seminars, lectures and classes and other forms of training.

Selected Publications

Brodkin, J., D. Frank, R. Grippo, M. Hausfater, M. Gulinello, N. Achterholt and C. Gutzen (2014). "Validation and implementation of a novel high-throughput behavioral phenotyping instrument for mice." J Neurosci Methods 224: 48-57.

Cole, P. D., V. Vijayanathan, N. F. Ali, M. E. Wagshul, E. J. Tanenbaum, J. Price, V. Dalal and M. E. Gulinello (2013). "Memantine protects rats treated with intrathecal methotrexate from developing spatial memory deficits." Clin Cancer Res 19(16): 4446-4454.

Farias Quipildor, G. E., K. Mao, Z. Hu, A. Novaj, M. H. Cui, M. Gulinello, C. A. Branch, S. Gubbi, K. Patel, D. R. Moellering, S. Tarantini, T. Kiss, A. Yabluchanskiy, Z. Ungvari, W. E. Sonntag and D. M. Huffman (2019). "Central IGF-1 protects against features of cognitive and sensorimotor decline with aging in male mice." Geroscience 41(2): 185-208.

Gulinello, M., H. A. Mitchell, Q. Chang, W. Timothy O'Brien, Z. Zhou, T. Abel, L. Wang, J. G. Corbin, S. Veeraragavan, R. C. Samaco, N. A. Andrews, M. Fagiolini, T. B. Cole, T. M. Burbacher and J. N. Crawley (2018). "Rigor and reproducibility in rodent behavioral research." Neurobiol Learn Mem.

Li, Y., A. R. Eskelund, H. Zhou, D. P. Budac, C. Sanchez and M. Gulinello (2015). "Behavioral Deficits Are Accompanied by Immunological and Neurochemical Changes in a Mouse Model for Neuropsychiatric Lupus (NP-SLE)." Int J Mol Sci 16(7): 15150-15171.

Li, Y., K. F. Raaby, C. Sanchez and M. Gulinello (2013). "Serotonergic receptor mechanisms underlying antidepressant-like action in the progesterone withdrawal model of hormonally induced depression in rats." Behav Brain Res 256: 520-528.

Li, Y., C. Sanchez and M. Gulinello (2017). "Distinct Antidepressant-Like and Cognitive Effects of Antidepressants with Different Mechanisms of Action in Middle-Aged Female Mice." Int J Neuropsychopharmacol 20(6): 510-515.

Mehler, M. F., J. R. Petronglo, E. E. Arteaga-Bracho, M. E. Gulinello, M. L. Winchester, N. Pichamoorthy, S. K. Young, C. D. DeJesus, H. Ishtiaq, S. Gokhan and A. E. Molero (2019). "Loss-of-Huntingtin in Medial and Lateral Ganglionic Lineages Differentially Disrupts Regional Interneuron and Projection Neuron Subtypes and Promotes Huntington's Disease-Associated Behavioral, Cellular, and Pathological Hallmarks." J Neurosci 39(10): 1892-1909.

Mike, E. V., H. M. Makinde, E. Der, A. Stock, M. Gulinello, G. T. Gadhvi, D. R. Winter, C. M. Cuda and C. Putterman (2018). "Neuropsychiatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Is Dependent on Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Signaling." Front Immunol 9: 2189.

Sikora, J., J. Leddy, M. Gulinello and S. U. Walkley (2016). "X-linked Christianson syndrome: heterozygous female Slc9a6 knockout mice develop mosaic neuropathological changes and related behavioral abnormalities." Dis Model Mech 9(1): 13-23.

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