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Dr. Yoshinori Seki, Ph.D.

Yoshinori Seki, Ph.D.

Associate, Department of Biochemistry

Selected Publications


Williams, L.,Seki, Y.,* Delahaye, F.,*Cheng, A., Fuloria, M., Einstein, F.H., Charron, M.J. 2016. DNA Hypermethylation of CD3+ T-cells from cord blood of intrauterine growth restricted humans. Diabetologia. 59(8):1714-23. (*LW, YS and DF made equal contributions).

Heyman , L., Seki, Y., Storm, P., Jones, H., Charron, M.J., Berger, K., Holm, C. 2015. Berry intake changes hepatic gene expression and DNA methylation patterns associated with high-fat diet. J Nutr Biochem. Sep 2. pii: S0955-2863(15)00223-5. doi: 10.1016/j.jnutbio.2015.08.022. 

Chi, Y., Jasmin, J., Seki, Y., Lisanti, M., Charron, M.J., Lefer, D., Schuster, V.  2015. Inhibition of the prostaglandin transporter PGT lowers blood pressure in hypertensive rats and mice. PLoS One. Jun 29;10(6):e0131735. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0131735.

Atkins, K*., Seki, Y*., Saha, J., Eichinger, F., Charron, M.J., Brosius, F.C. 2015. Maintenance of GLUT4 expression in smooth muscle prevents hypertension-induced changes in vascular reactivity. Physiol Rep. 3 (1), e12299. (*KA and YS made equal contributions).

Plata, M., Williams, L., Seki, Y., Hartil, K., Kaur, H., Lin, C., Fiallo, A., Glenn, A.S., Katz, E.B., Fuloria, M., Charron, M.J., Vuguin, P.M. 2014. Critical periods of increased fetal vulnerability to adverse metabolic programming by a maternal high Fat diet in CD1 mouse model. Reprod Biol Endocrinol. Aug 18;12(1):80.

Lin, C.L., Williams, L., Seki‎, Y., Kaur, H., Hartil, K., Fiallo,A., Glenn, A.S., Katz, E.B., Charron, M.J., Vuguin, P.M.  2014.  Effects of genetics and in utero diet on murine pancreatic development. J Endocrinol 222(2):217-27.

Williams, L*., Seki, Y*., Vuguin, P.M., Charron, M.J.  2013.  Animal models of in utero exposure to a high fat diet. Biochimi Biophys Acta 2013 S0925-4439 (13) 00246-9. (*LW and YS made equal contributions).

Kruse, M., Seki, Y., Du, X., Fiallo, A., Glenn, A., Singer, S., Breuhahn, K., Katz, E.B., Charron, M.J.  2013.  High fat intake during pregnancy and lactation exacerbates high fat diet induced complications in male offspring in mice. Endocrinology 154(10): 3565-76.

Vuguin, P.M., Hartil, K., Kruse, M., Kaur, H., Chia-Lei, L., Scott, A.S., Fiallo, A., Patel, A., Williams, L., Seki, Y., Katz, E.B., Charron M.J.  2013.  Shared effects of genetic and intrauterine environment on the development of metabolic syndrome. PloS One 17;8(5): e63021.

Seki, Y., Williams, L., Vuguin, P.M., Charron, M.J.  2012.  Epigenetic programming of diabetes and obesity: animal models. Endocrinology 153, 1031–1038.

Ranalletta M, Du X, Seki Y, Glenn AS, Kruse M, Fiallo A, Estrada I, Tsao TS, Stenbit AE, Katz EB, Charron MJ. 2007.  Hepatic response to restoration of GLUT4 in skeletal muscle of GLUT4 Null mice. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 293, 1178-1187.

Seki, Y., Berggren, JA., Houmard, JA., Charron, M.J.  2006.  Glucose transporter expression in skeletal muscle of endurance-trained individuals. Med Sci Sport Exer 38, 1088-1092. 

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