Faculty Profile

Dr. Lawrence Dyche, M.S.W.

Lawrence Dyche, M.S.W.

Clinical Assistant Professor Emeritus, Department of Family and Social Medicine

Professional Interests

Mr. Larry Dyche co-directs the Behavioral Medicine Program for the Primary Care/Social Internal Medicine (PC/SM) residents, and supervises the Observed Clinical Encounter Program for PC/SM residents to build interviewing and communication skills.

Mr. Dyche is a licensed social worker and family therapist who first came to New York in the 1960's as a community organizer in the South Bronx. He received his MSW from Fordham University in 1968 and completed his training in family therapy at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He worked in several community psychiatry programs, and subsequently served as Chief Social Worker in Psychiatry at North Central Bronx Hospital where he developed a family therapy curriculum for the Einstein psychiatric residents. Mr. Dyche joined the behavioral medicine faculty of the Residency Program in Social Medicine in 1989.

Mr. Dyche has developed a residency-based home visit program with funding from the Gold Foundation for the Humanities in Medicine for the PC/SM Program. In addition to his work with PC/SM residents, Mr. Dyche is also active in teaching and curriculum development at Einstein. 

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