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Dr. John W. Murray, Ph.D.

John W. Murray, Ph.D.

Instructor, Department of Anatomy & Structural Biology

Professional Interests

Our laboratory specializes in the use of fluorescence imaging techniques to answer questions fundamental to liver biology. We have developed in vitro organelle motility assays to study the molecular mechanisms of intracellular protein sorting and viral trafficking that occurs along the microtubule cytoskeleton. I have also developed single cell assays for monitoring the uptake, accumulation, and secretion of bile acids, and we are studying how drugs, hormones, and cellular signaling may specifically regulate these steps. We hypothesize that the trafficking of bile acid transporters to and from the cell surface can affect bile acid homeostasis, potentially affecting uptake and metabolism of drugs. Additionally we are interested in screening and developing fluorescent labeled probes that can be used to characterize the 'transport state' of cells, which can also reflect the susceptibility of cells to drugs.

Selected Publications

Murray JW, Yin D, Wolkoff AW. 2017. Reduction of organelle motility by removal of potassium and other solutes. PLoS One. Sep 18;12(9):e0184898.

Wang X, Wang P, Wang W, Murray JW, Wolkoff AW. 2016. The Na(+)-Taurocholate Cotransporting Polypeptide Traffics with the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor. Traffic. Mar;17(3):230-44.

Murray JW, Han D, Wolkoff AW. 2014. Hepatocytes maintain greater fluorescent bile acid accumulation and greater sensitivity to drug-induced cell death in three-dimensional matrix culture. Physiol Rep. Dec 18;2(12).

Murray JW, Thosani AJ, Wang P, Wolkoff AW. 2011. Heterogeneous accumulation of fluorescent bile acids in primary rat hepatocytes does not correlate with their homogenous expression of ntcp. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2011 Jul;301(1):G60-8.

Fort AG, Murray JW, Dandachi N, Davidson MW, Dermietzel R,Wolkoff AW, Spray DC. 2011. In vitro motility of liver connexin vesicles along microtubules utilizes kinesin motors. J Biol Chem. Jul 1;286(26):22875-85

 MurrayJW, Thosani AJ, Wang P, Wolkoff AW. 2011. Heterogeneous accumulation of fluorescent bile acids in primary rat hepatocytes does not correlate with their homogenous expression of ntcp.  Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. Jul;301(1):G60-8

 Mukhopadhyay A, Nieves E, Che FY, Wang J, Jin L, Murray JW, Gordon K, Angeletti RH, Wolkoff AW. 2011. Proteomic analysis of endocytic vesicles: Rab1a regulates motility of early endocytic vesicles. J Cell Sci. Mar 1;124(Pt 5):765-75.

Murray JW, Wolkoff AW. 2007. In vitro motility system to study the role of motor proteins in receptor-ligand sorting. Methods Mol Biol;392:143-58.

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 Lee GE, Murray JW, Wolkoff AW, Wilson DW. 2006. Reconstitution of herpes simplex virus microtubule-dependent trafficking in vitro. J. Virol. 80:4264-75.

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Murray JW, Edmonds BT, Liu G, Condeelis J. 1996. Bundling of actin filaments by elongation factor 1 alpha inhibits polymerization at filament ends. J. Cell Biol. 135:1309-1321.

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