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Dr. John Devens Fisher, M.D.

John Devens Fisher, M.D.

Professor, Department of Medicine (Cardiology)

Professional Interests

Position: Dr. Fisher is Professor of Medicine at AECOM, and Director of the Einstein-Montefiore Arrhythmia Service, which includes two component services, namely Clinical Electrophysiology and Pacemakers/ICDs. The Arrhythmia Service has close ties withy CT surgery, imaging, basic EP, and pediatric EP. He is also the Training Program Director for the ACGME-accredited fellowship in clinical EP (CCEP). Education: Yale BA, Wayne State MD, Boston City Hospital and NY Hospital-Cornell (Int. Med Residency), Montefiore and Royal Postgraduate Medical School-Imperial College London UK (Cardiology and EP). Interests: Arrhythmia mechanisms and treatment, ablation, VT, VF, SVT, AF, WPW, pacemakers, ICDs, heart failure resynchronization devices, syncope. R-1006

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