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Dr. Christine Lawrence, M.D.

Christine Lawrence, M.D.

Distinguished University Professor Emerita, Department of Medicine (Hematology)

Selected Publications


1.Lawrence, C ., Fabry, M. E., Nagel, R. L.: The unique red cell heterogeneity of SC disease: crystal formation, dense reticulocytes, and unusual morphology. Blood 78: 2104-2112,1991 (Hb S-C Crystals from article on cover of Blood

2.Kay, M.M.B., Bosman, G., Johnson, R.C., Poulin, J., Lawrence, C . and Goodman, J.: Molecular Basis of Human Band-3 mutation associated with increased anion transport. Exp. Clin. Immunogenet. 11:209-221, 1994

3.Canessa, M., Romero, J.R. Lawrence, C ., Nagel, R.L. and Fabry, M.E.: Rate of activation and deactivation of K:Cl cotransport by changes in cell volume in hemoglobin SS, CC and AA red cells. J. Membrane Biol. 142:349-362, 1994

4.Lawrence, C ., Lipton, R.B., Lowy, F.D. and Coyle, P.K.: Seronegative chronic relapsing neuroborreliosis. European Neurology 35: 113-117,1995

5.Kang, P.M., Lawrence, C ., Khan, G. and Hays, R.M.: Fulminating systemic capillary leak syndrome with lymphocytosis and hypogammaglobulinemia. Renal Failure 17 (5): 615-617, 1995

6.Steinberg, M.H., Nagel, R.L., Lawrence, C ., Venkataramani, S., Lu, Z-h., Plonczynski, M. and Harrel, A.: ©¬-Globin Gene Haplotype in Hb SC Disease. Am J. Hematol 52:189-191, 1996

7.Lawrence, C ., Hirsch, R.E., Fataliev, N.A., Patel, S., Fabry, M.E. and Nagel, R.L.: Molecular Interactions between Hb ¥á-G Philadelphia, HbC and HbS: Phenotypic Implications for SC ¥á-G Philadelphia disease. Blood 90:2819-2825, 1997 (Cover of Blood).

8.Trager, W., Gill, G.S., Lawrence, C ., and Nagel, RL.: Enhanced gametocyte formation in vitro by plasmodium falciparum in reticulocyte-rich blood. Experimental Parasitology 91:115-118, 1999

9.Lawrence, C .: Laveran remembered: Malaria haemozoin in leukocytes. Lancet 353:1852, 1999

10..Fabry, M.E., Romero, J.R., Suzuka, S.M., Gilman, J.G., Feeling-Taylor, A., Odunusi, E., Factor, S., Bouhassira, E.E., Lawrence, C ., Smithies, O., and Nagel R.L.: Hemoglobin C in transgenic mice: Effect of the Hb C. Expression from founders to full mouse globin knockouts. Blood Cells Mol Dis. 26:331-347, 2000

11..Fabry, M.E., Suzuka, S.M., Weinberg, R., Lawrence, C ., Factor, S., Gilman, J.G., Constantini, F.D., Paszty, C., Smithies, O., and Nagel, R.L.: Second generation knock-out sickle mouse is useful in the validation of gene therapy strategies. Blood 97(2):410-418, 2001

12.Lawrence, C ., Tuma, R., Guha, S., Michael, H., Lowy, F.D., and Shuter, J.: Antibiotic Changes During the First 72 hours of Hospitalization. Am J. Med. Sci. 322: 61, 2001

13.Lawrence, C., Annotated collection of personal teaching slides for the web site of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine 2003. web site: http:// cobweb.aecom.yu.edu.project/chrislawrence/#intro (site under construction)

14.Lawrence C.,"Gallery of Hematology Images" (about 598 images) accepted with copyright by HEAL(Health Education Asset Library), as 'collection' with AECOM logo. March 19, 2005.www.healcentral.org

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