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Charles B. Hall, Ph.D.

Dr. Charles B. Hall

Selected Publications


1. Stewart W, Gordon B, Selnes O, Bandeen-Roche KJ, Zeger SL, Tusa RJ, ,Celentano DD, Shechter A, Lieberman J, Hall CB, Simon D, ,Lesser R, and Randall RD. Prospective Study of Central Nervous System Function in Amateur Boxers in the United States. American Journal of Epidemiology 139, 573-588, 1994.

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51. Cloutier M, Wakefield D, Sangeloty-Higgins P, Delaronde S, Hall C. Asthma Guideline Use By Pediatricians In Private Practices And Asthma Morbidity. Pediatrics, in press.



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