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Dr. E. John Gallagher, M.D.

E. John Gallagher, M.D.

Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine

Professor, Department of Medicine

Professor, Department of Epidemiology & Population Health

Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine

Professional Interests

Dr. Gallagher is the founding chair of the department of emergency medicine at Einstein. He is one of the pioneers of the relatively new and multi-disciplinary field of emergency medicine. He has operational and academic responsibility for 300,000 visits annually at the Montefiore Medical Center’s three emergency rooms, He also has academic oversight over three residency programs consisting of approximately 180 emergency medicine residents and fellows, and about 190 full-time faculty at Montefiore, Jacobi Medical Center, North Central Bronx Hospital, Long Island Jewish Medical Center, and Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan. In total, he has at least academic oversight over seven emergency departments, with a total of more than one-half million visits annually.

Dr. Gallagher’s current research interests center on the metrics and management of pain. He also remains clinically active several days a week. He is a member of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies, where he chairs one of the 12 sections of the IOM.

Selected Publications

Selected Randomized Clinical Trials since 2001:

Corbo J, Esses D, Bijur PE, Iannaccone R, Gallagher EJ: Randomized clinical trial of intravenous magnesium sulfate as an adjunctive medication for emergency department treatment of migraine headache. Ann Emerg Med 2001;38:621-627.

Callaham ML, Knopp RK, Gallagher EJ: Effect of written feedback by editors on quality of reviews. Two randomized trials. JAMA 2002;287:2781-2783.

Lahn M, Bijur P, Gallagher EJ. Randomized clinical trial of intramuscular vs oral methylprednisolone in the treatment of asthma exacerbations following discharge from an emergency department. Chest 2004;126:362-368.

Friedman BW, Corbo J, Lipton RB, Bijur PE, Esses D, Solorzano C, Gallagher EJ: A trial of metoclopramide vs sumatriptan for the emergency department treatment of migraines. Neurology 2005;64:463-468.

Chang AK, Bijur PE, Meyer RH, Kenny MK, Solorzano C, Gallagher EJ. Safety and efficacy of hydromorphone as an analgesic alternative to morphine in acute pain: a randomized clinical trial. Ann Emerg Med. 2006;48:164-172.

Gallagher EJ, Esses D, Lee C, Lahn M, Bijur PE. Randomized clinical trial of morphine in acute abdominal pain. Ann Emerg Med. 2006;48:150-160,

Friedman BW, Hochberg M, Esses D, Bijur PE, Corbo J, Paternoster J, Solorzano C, Toosi B, Lipton RB, Gallagher EJ: A clinical trial of trimethobenzamide/diphenhydramine versus sumatriptan for acute migraines. Headache 2006;46:934-41.

Friedman BW, Greenwald P, Bania TC, Esses D, Hochberg M, Solorzano C, Corbo J, Chu J, Chew E, Cheung P, Fearon S, Paternoster J, Baccellieri A, Clark S, Bijur PE, Lipton RB, Gallagher EJ. Randomized trial of IV dexamethasone for acute migraine in the emergency department. Neurology. 2007;69:2038-2044.

Birnbaum A, Esses D, Bijur PE, Holden L, Gallagher EJ. Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial of two intravenous morphine dosages (0.10mg/kg and 0.15 mg/kg) in emergency department patients with moderate to severe acute pain. Ann Emerg Med. 2007;49:445- 453.

Friedman BW, Esses D, Solorzano C, Dua N, Greenwald P, Radulescu R, Chang E, Hochberg M, Campbell C, Aghera A, Valentin T, Paternoster J, Bijur P, Lipton RB, Gallagher EJ. A randomized controlled trial of prochlorperazine versus metoclopramide for treatment of acute migraine. Ann Emerg Med 2008;52:399-406.

Friedman BW, Esses D, Solorzano C, Choi HK, Cole M, Davitt M, Bijur PE, Gallagher EJ. A randomized placebo-controlled trial of single-dose IM corticosteroid for radicular low back pain. Spine 2008 15;33:24-29.

Chang AK, Bijur PE, Baccelieri A, Gallagher EJ: Efficacy and safety profile of a single dose of hydromorphone compared with morphine in older adults with acute, severe pain: A prospective, randomized, double-blind trial. American Journal of Geriatric Pharmacotherapy 2009;7:1-10.

Friedman BW, Bender B, Davitt M, Solorzano C, Paternoster J, Esses D, Bijur P, Gallagher EJ: A randomized trial of diphenhydramine as prophylaxis against metoclopramide-induced akathisia in nauseated emergency department patients. Ann Emerg Med 2009;53:379-385.

Chang AK, Bijur PE, Davitt M, Gallagher EJ. Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing a Patient-Driven Titration Protocol of Intravenous Hydromorphone With Traditional Physician-Driven Management of Emergency Department Patients With Acute Severe Pain. Ann Emerg Med. 2009;54:561-567.

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