Faculty Profile

Dr. John S. Condeelis, Ph.D.

John S. Condeelis, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Anatomy & Structural Biology

Co-Chair, Department of Anatomy & Structural Biology

The Judith and Burton P. Resnick Chair in Translational Research, Department of Anatomy & Structural Biology

Co-Director, Gruss-Lipper Biophotonics Center

Co-Director, Integrated Imaging Program

Director, Tumor Microenvironment and Metastasis Program, AECC

Scientific Director, Analytical Imaging Facility

Areas of Research: Interests are in optical physics, cell biology and biophysics, cancer biology and mouse models of cancer. Development of the multiphoton imaging technology used to identify intravasation microenvironments in metastatic tumors

Professional Interests

John Condeelis' research interests are in optical physics, cell biology and biophysics, cancer biology and mouse models of cancer. He and his collaborators developed the multiphoton imaging technology and animal models used to identify invasion and intravasation micro-environments in mammary tumors. Integration of intravital multiphoton imaging with computational /systems analysis of living breast tumors identified the dominant tumor cell phenotypes contributing to invasion and dissemination during metastasis. This led to the discovery and verification of the paracrine interaction between tumor cells and macrophages in vivo, the role of macrophages in the migration of tumor cells during HGF-dependent tumor cell streaming to blood vessels and the mechanism of tumor cell dissemination from primary tumors via TMEM (Tumor MicroEnvironment of Metastasis) to distant metastatic sites. Based on these results, cell collection techniques, including the in vivo invasion assay were developed for the collection of migrating and disseminating macrophages and tumor cells. This led to the discovery of the mouse and human invasion signatures, and the TMEM, MenaCalc and MenaINV markers for assessing risk of metastasis and prediction of response in breast cancer patients to both chemotherapy, and receptor tyrosine kinase and tyrosine kinase inhibitors used to suppress metastasis.

John Condeelis has devised optical microscopes for uncaging, biosensor detection and multiphoton imaging for these studies and has used novel caged-enzymes and biosensors to test, in vivo, the predictions of the invasion signatures regarding the mechanisms of tumor cell dissemination and metastasis. He is one of the founding co-directors of the Integrated Imaging Program dedicated to the integration and validation of clinical imaging platforms, including digital pathology, with high resolution optical imaging in the Gruss Lipper Biophotonics Center. He has authored more than 300 scientific papers on various aspects of his research.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications from the last 3 years

Jiang C, Ding Z., Joy M., Chakraborty S., Kim S., Bottcher R., Condeelis J., Singh S., Roy P. (2017) A balanced level of profilin-1 promotes stemness and tumor-initiating potential of breast cancer cells Cell Cycle (in press).

Karagiannis GS, Pastoriza JM, Wang Y, Harney AS, Entenberg D, Pignatelli J, Sharma VP, Xue EA, Cheng E, D'Alfonso TM, Jones JG, Anampa J, Rohan TE, Sparano JA, Condeelis JS, Oktay MH. (2017) Neoadjuvant chemotherapy induces breast cancer metastasis through a TMEM-mediated mechanism. Science Translational Medicine 5;9(397). PMID: 28679654/PMCID: In Process

Brian J. Rosenberg, B.J., Gil-Henn, H., Mader, C.C., Halo, T., Yin, T., Condeelis, J.C., Machida, K., Yu, Y.I. and Koleske, A.J. (2017) Phosphorylated cortactin recruits Vav2 guanine nucleotide exchange factor to activate Rac3 and promote invadopodial function in invasive breast cancer cells. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 15;28(10):PMID: 28356423/PMCID: PMC5426849

Eddy, RJ, Weidmann, M and Condeelis, J.S. (2017) Tumor cell invadopodia: Invasive protrusions that orchestrate metastasis. Trends in Cell Biology. PMID: 28412099/PMCID: In Process

Fluegen G, Avivar-Valderas A, Wang Y, Padgen MR, Williams JK, Nobre AR, Calvo V, Cheung JF, Bravo-Cordero JJ, Entenberg D, Castracane J, Verkhusha V, Keely PJ, Condeelis J and Aguirre-Ghiso JA.(2016) Phenotypic heterogeneity of disseminated tumour cells is preset by primary tumour hypoxic microenvironments. Nature Cell Biology 19(2):120-132. PMID: 28114271

Harper KL, Sosa MS, Entenberg D, Hosseini H, Cheung JF, Nobre AR, Avivar- Valderas A, Nagi.C, Girnius N, Davis RJ, Farias EF, Condeelis J, Klein CA, and Aguirre-Ghiso JA. (2016) Mechanism of early dissemination and metastasis in HER2+ mammary cancer. Nature 540, 588–592. PMID: 27974798

Pignatelli J, Bravo-Cordero JJ, Roh-Johnson M, Gandhi SJ, Wang Y, Chen X, Eddy RJ, Xue A, Singer RH, Hodgson L, Oktay MH and Condeelis JS (2016) Macrophage-dependent tumor cell intravasation is mediated by Notch 1/MenaINV-initiated invadopodium formation. Scientific reports. 6:37874. PMID: 27901093 / PMCID: PMC5129016

Leung E, Xue A, Wang Y, Rougerie P, Sharma V, Eddy, R., Cox, D. and Condeelis, J.S. (2016) Blood vessel endothelium - directed tumor cell streaming in breast tumors requires the HGF/C-Met signaling pathway. Oncogene. NIHMSID: NIHMS820864

Weidmann MD, Surve CR, Eddy RJ, Gertler FB, Sharma V., and Condeelis, J.S. (2016) Mena INV dysregulates cortactin phosphorylation to promote invadopodium maturation. Scientific Reports. 8;6:36142. PMID: 27824079

Wang, Y., Wang, H., Entenberg, D., Xue, A., Wang, W. and Condeelis, J.S. (2016) Direct visualization of the phenotype of hypoxic tumor cells at single cell resolution in vivo using a new hypoxia probe. Intravital. 5(2) e1187803 PMID:27790387/PMCID:PMC5079291

Williams, J.K, Entenberg, D.E., Wang, Y, Avivar-Valderase, A, Padgena, M, Clark, A, Aguirre-Ghiso, J.A, Castracane, J, and Condeelis, J.S. (2016) Validation of a device for the active manipulation of the tumor microenvironment during intravital imaging. Intravital. 5(2) e1182271 PMID:25419258/PMCID:PMC4238296

Rodriguez-Tirado, C., Kitamura, T., Kato, Y., Pollard, J.W., Condeelis, J.S., and Entenberg, D.E. (2016) Long-term high-resolution intravital microscopy in the lung with a vacuum stabilized imaging window. Journal of Visualized Experiments. 6(116) PMID:27768066

Szulczewski, J.M., Inman, D.R., Entenberg, D.E., Ponik, S.M., Aguirre-Ghiso, J., Castracane, J., Condeelis, J.S., Eliceiri, K.E., & Keely, P.J. (2016) In vivo visualization of stromal macrophages via label-free FLIM-based metabolite imaging. Scientific Reports. 25(6) PMID:27220760/PMCID:PMC4879594

Balsamo M, Mondal C, Carmona, G, McClain LM, Riquelme DN, Tadros J, Ma D, Vasile E, Condeelis JS, Lauffenburger DA, Gertler FB. (2016) The alternatively-included 11a sequence modifies the effects of Mena on actin cytoskeletal organization and cell behavior. Scientific Reports. 17;6:35298. PMID: 27748415

Morris, B.A., Burkel, B, Ponik, S.M., Fan, J, Condeelis, J., Aguire-Ghiso, J, Castracane, J, Denu, J.M., and Keely, P.J. (2016) Collagen Matrix Density Drives the Metabolic Shift in Breast Cancer Cells. EBioMedicine. (16)30467-4.PMID: 27743905

Harney, A.S., Entenberg, D.E., Wang, Y and Condeelis, J.S. (2016) Extended time-lapse intravital imaging of real-time multicellular dynamics in the tumor microenvironment. Journal of Visualized Experiments. 12(112). PMID: 27341448/ PMCID: PMC4927790

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Khalil, B.D., Hsueh, C., Cao, Y., Abi Saab, A.F., Wang, Y., Condeelis, J.S., Bresnick, A.R., and Backer, J.B. (2016) GPCR signaling mediates tumor metastasis via PI3Kβ. Cancer Research. PMID: 27013201/PMCID: PMC4915222

Carmona, G., Perera, U., Gillett, C., Naba1, A., Law, A-L., Sharma, V.P., Wang, J., Wyckoff, J., Balsamo, M., Mosis, F., De Piano, M., Monypenny, J., Woodman, N., McConnell, R.E., Mouneimne, G., Van Hemelrijck, M., Cao, Y., Condeelis, J., O. Hynes, R., Gertler, F.B., and Krause, M. (2016) Lamellipodin promotes invasive 3D cancer cell migration via regulated interactions with Ena/VASP and SCAR/WAVE. Oncogene. 1-8 PMID: 26996666

Entenberg, D., Rodriguez-Tirado, C., Kato, Y., Kitamura, T., Pollard, J.W and Condeelis, J. (2015) In vivo subcellular resolution optical imaging in the lung reveals early metastatic proliferation and motility. IntraVital. 15; 4(3):1-11. NIHMSID: NIHMS755228

Knutsdottir, H., Condeelis, J.S. and Palsson, E. (2015) 3-D individual cell based computational modeling of tumor cell-macrophage paracrine signaling mediated by EGF and CSF-1 gradients. Integr Biol (Camb). 18;8(1):104-19. Epub 2015 Dec 21 PMID 26686751

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