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Shlomo Shinnar, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Shlomo Shinnar

Professional Interests

Dr. Shlomo Shinnar is a neurologist, pediatrician and epidemiologist. His expertise focuses on comprehensive epilepsy management, child neurology and epilepsy with a focus on long term studies  the prognosis of childhood seizures disorders.

Dr. Shinnar conducts research on a variety of topics relating to childhood seizures, including when to initiate and discontinue antiepileptic drug therapy, prognosis following a first seizure, and prognosis following discontinuation of medications in children with seizures.  He studies status epilepticus, a life-threatening condition of persistent continuous and unremitting brain seizure lasting longer than 30 minutes.  He is also involved in research in autism, an increasingly common neurological condition in childhood.

His current research focuses on the consequences of prolonged febrile seizures, the most common seizure seen in children and on the long term outcomes of childhood absence (petit-mal) seizures which are the most common form of epilepsy in children. He is also involved in clinical trials that test how well different treatments work in neurological disorders and is the Co-PI of the Einstein Center of Excelence for CLincial Trials in Neurology (Einstein NeuroNEXT)

Dr. Shinnar is the senior editor of the book Childhood Seizures and co-editor of the book Febrile Seizures. He has published over 170 original papers and over 120 reviews and chapters. He is the recipient of the prestigious Research Recognition Award of the American Epilepsy Society and the CURE  research award. His continuing resarch on the Consequences of Prolonged Febrile Seizures in Children (FEBSTAT) study was recently recognized with the prestigious Javits award by the NINDS.


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Montefiore Medical Center
111 East 210th Street
Bronx, NY 10467

Tel: 718.920.4378

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