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Dr. Joseph Di Vito, Jr., M.D.

Joseph Di Vito, Jr., M.D.

Professor of Clinical Radiology, Department of Radiology (Body MR and CT Imaging)

Professor of Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health

Professional Interests

Major academic interests: cardiovascular and body CT and MR imaging, dysphagia evaluation, medical student and resident radiologic education. Medical student (preclinical and clinical courses) and House staff teaching (Leo Davidoff Society AECOM, inducted May 2006 for achievement in teaching). Montefiore Quality Assurance Comottee, Dean’s Letter Committee, Former member of AECOM School Senate, Faculty Advisor to medical students.

Selected Publications

Keehn ASrivastava AMaiman RTaylor JDiVito JGhavamian RStern JM., The Relationship Between Visceral Obesity and the Clinicopathologic Features of Patients with Small Renal Masses.. J Endourol. Vol 29, No.3, Pp.372-376,  March 2015

  Fram EB, Agalliu I., DiVito J., Hoenig DM ., Stern JThe visceral fat compartment is independently associated with changes in urine constituent excretion in a stone forming population.  Urolithiasis  DOI 10.1007/s00240-015-0770-8, April 23, 2015

 Dicpingaitis PV , De Aquirre M. DiVito J.Enterococcus hirae Bacteremia Associated with Acute Pancreatitis and Septic Shock. . Case Reports in Infectious Disease, vol 2015.  Article ID 123852. August 15, 2015

Kishore P, Gabriely I, Cui MH, Di Vito J, Gajavelli S, Hwang JH, Shamoon H, Role of hepatic glycogen breakdown in defective counterregulation of hypoglycemia in intensively treated type 1 diabetes. Diabetes. 2006 Mar; 55(3):659-66

 Zhou T, Watts K, Agalliu L, Divito J, Hoenig DM., Effects of Visceral Fat Area and Other Metabolic Parameters on Stone Composition in Patients Undergoing PCNL.  J Urol. 2013 October, 189 (4) 1416-1420

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