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Todd E. Feinberg, M.D.

Dr. Todd E. Feinberg

Professor of Clinical Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Professor of Clinical Neurology, The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology


Professional Interests

Todd E. Feinberg, M.D., Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Chief of the Yarmon Neurobehavior and Alzheimer's Disease Center at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, is internationally recognized as a leading authority on how the neurobiology of the brain creates the individual's sense of identity. Dr Feinberg has been featured onDateline NBC, The Leonard Lopate Show, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, The Learning Channel, and numerous appearances on local New York television. His work on disturbances of the brain was highlighted in the 2006 National Book Award winner, The Echo Maker by Richard Powers, a novel about a patient who develops Capgras syndrome, which Feinberg has researched extensively.

Dr. Feinberg lectures frequently and has delivered the keynote address at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neuropsychology and given speeches on the neurobiology of the self for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, theNational Institutes of Health,and other venues. He was among a handful of leading scientists featured in the Newark Star Ledger prize winning series The Seekers, and he has published articles on the neurobiology of the self for the Dana Forum on Brain Science andDaedalus, the journal of American Academy of Arts & Sciences. His work on the neurobiology of the self was featured recently in a February 2006 special issue of Science News "Finding the Inner Me: neural roots of identity."

Dr. Feinberg is the author of Altered Egos: How the Brain Creates the Self (Oxford, 2001), and co-editor of the textbook Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychology (McGraw-Hill) now in its second edition and The Lost Self: Pathologies of the Brain and Identity (Oxford, 2005), and has written nearly 100 articles, abstracts, or books. His most recent book is From Axons to Identity: Neurological Explorations of the Nature of the Self (W.W.Norton).


Selected Publications

The Neuropathologies of the Self

Feinberg, T.E. Neuropathologies of the self: Clinical and anatomical features. Consciousness and Cogntition (2011)

Feinberg, TE, Venneri, A, Simone, AM, Fan, Y, Northoff, G. The neuroanatomy of asomatognosia and somatoparaphrenia. J Neurol Neurosurg, Psychiat, 81: 276-281; 2010.

Feinberg,TE Neuropathologies of the self: A general theory. Neuropsychoanalysis, 12:133-158; 2010

Feinberg TE,Venneri A, Simone AM et al.The neuroanatomy of asomatognosia and somatoparaphrenia.The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. In press; online version available at

Feinberg TE Confabulation, the self, and ego functions: The Ego Dysequilibrium Theory. In W Hirstein, ed.Confabulation: views from neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology (in press).

Feinberg TE. Our brains, our selves. Daedalus, Fall 2006, 72-80.

Feinberg TE. Four fictional Odysseys Through Life With a Disordered Brain. Cerebrum: The Dana Forum on Brain Science, 51-64, 2005.

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Feinberg TE. Commentary on "The Pleasantness of False Beliefs". In: Neuro-Psychoanalysis, 6:22-26; 2004.

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Feinberg TE Roane DM. Anosognosia. In: Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychology. 2nd Edition. TE Feinberg and MJ Farah (eds.) McGraw-Hill: New York 2003.


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