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Maria A. Marzan, Ed.D., M.P.H.

Dr. Maria A. Marzan

Professional Interests

Maria A. Marzan, EdD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Department of Family & Social Medicine

Director, Community Based Service Learning - Einstein Community Action Network (E-CAN)

Office of Diversity Enhancement

Dr. Maria Marzan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Social Medicine and the Director of Community Based Service Learning at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  The Community Based Service Learning Program oversees Einstein Community Action Network (E-CAN), a collaboration of Einstein medical students, faculty and communities in the Bronx.  E-CAN student groups promote services and provide advocacy for vulnerable populations in the Bronx.  We support our students who want to make a difference in the community by serving as a clearinghouse for information and opportunities, providing guidance, assistance with logistical issues and seminars to develop leadership and other skills necessary for community engagement. 

After earning a Bachelor of Science Degree at Hunter College, Dr. Marzan completed a Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Maternal and Child Care and a Doctorate in Health and Behavioral Sciences from Columbia University in New York City.  With more than 25 years of experience in the field of community/public health, and medical education, she has worked enthusiastically as an administrator, educator, and patient advocate.  Dr. Marzan began her career in community health as an administrator in clinical and educational programs for women and children in various community clinics in Spanish Harlem.  She received awards under Mayors Dinkins' and Giuliani's administration from Race for the Cure for outstanding and innovative women's health educational programs for underserved women.  She subsequently joined Einstein’s faculty as co-director of the Introduction to Clinical Medicine Program, developing and expanding the curriculum in public health, the Medical Spanish Program and cultural competency.  Dr. Marzan is the recipient of the distinguished Leo M. Davidoff Society Award for outstanding achievement in the teaching of medical students (May 2006) The Einstein Community Health Outreach (ECHO) Clinic Award for outstanding service (March 2009) and Outstanding Service Award for Fordham C-STEP (May 2012).

Dr. Marzan is a core faculty member of the Hispanic Center of Excellence, and a founding member of the Northeast Consortium on Cross-Cultural Medical Education and Practice Committee.  She is a faculty advisor for the Office of Diversity Enhancement and the third year family medicine community projects.  In addition, she mentors students interested in degrees in public health, community service, the ECHO clinic and other community health-related activities.    




Selected Publications




Marzan M., EdD, MPH; McEvoy M., PNP (2010).  Opportunities for Cross-Cultural Medical Education.  The Einstein Journal of Biology and Medicine, Volume 25 and 26


Marzan M., EdD, MPH; Fornari A., EdD, RN; Santos M.T., MD; Rose Guilbe, MD, Shoshana Silberman, NP, Racheline G. Habousha, MSLS, Elizabeth Lee-Rey, MD, MPH (2009). Using the Tool for Assessing Cultural Competency Training (TACCT) To Inventory a Medical School's Curriculum: A case study.  Journal of Communication in Healthcare.  Volume 2, Number 4


McEvoy M., PNP; Santos, M. T., MD; Marzán M., EdD, MPH; Green E.H., MD, MSc; Milan F. B., MD (2009). Teaching medical students how to use interpreters:  A three year experience.  Medical Education Online,  Volume 14


Marzán M., EdD, MPH (2008).  Incoming Medical Students’ Perceptions of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Skills Regarding Cross-Cultural Medical Education.  Unpublished EdD dissertation, Teachers College, Columbia University.


Lee-Rey E., MD; Marzán M., MPH; Soto-Green M., MD; Salas-Lopez D., MD (2004).   Linguistic competency:  addressing the language issues of patients with limited English proficiency.  American Academy of Family Physicians, Caring for Hispanic Patients. Volume 1, Number 1


Coupey S. M., MD; McEvoy M., PNP; Myers D., MS; Marzán M., MPH (2004).  Preparing Einstein students to practice twenty-first century medicine.  The Einstein Journal of  Biology and Medicine, Volume 20, Number 2



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Community Based Service Learning - Einstein Community Action Network (E-CAN)

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