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Dr. Sergei Khrapunov, Ph.D.

Sergei Khrapunov, Ph.D.

Research Professor, Department of Biochemistry

Areas of Research: Structure and thermodynamics of proteins and protein-DNA complexes. Chromatin structure.

Professional Interests

Structure and thermodynamics of proteins and protein-DNA complexes. Chromatin structure.

Selected Publications

Selected publications


Khrapunov S, Chang E, Callender RH., - "Thermodynamic and Structural Adaptation Differences between the Mesophilic and Psychrophilic Lactate Dehydrogenases". Biochemistry, 2017, 56, 3587-3595.

Khrapunov S, Tao Y, Cheng H, Padlan C, Harris R, Galanopoulou AS, Greally JM, Girvin ME, Brenowitz M., - "MeCP2 Binding Cooperativity Inhibits DNA Modification-Specific Recognition". Biochemistry. 2016, 55, 4275-4285

Khrapunov, S., Warren, C., Cheng, H. Y., Berko, E.R., Greally, J.M. & Brenowitz, M.– “Unusual Characteristics of the DNA Binding Domain of Epigenetic Regulatory Protein MeCP2 Determine Its Binding Specificity”.Biochemistry, 2014, 53, 3379−3391.

Khrapunov, S. & Brenowitz, M.– “Stability, denaturation and refolding of Mycobacterium tuberculosis MfpA, a DNA mimicking protein that confers antibiotic resistance”. Biophysical Chemistry, 2011, 159, 33-40.

Khrapunov S.– “Circular dichroism spectroscopy has intrinsic limitations for protein secondary structure analysis”.  Anal Biochem. 2009, 389, 174-176

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Khrapunov, S. and Brenowitz, M. – “Influence of the N-terminal domain and divalent cations on self association and DNA binding by the Saccharomyces cerevisiae TATA Binding Protein" - Biochemistry, 2007, 4876-4887.

Khrapunov, S., Brenowitz, M., Rice, P.A.  & Catalano, C.E. - "Binding then bending: A mechanism for wrapping DNA"[Invited commentary] - Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.USA, 2006, 103, 19217-19218.

Blakaj, B., Kattamuri, C., Khrapunov, S., Rashmi S. Hegde, R.S., Brenowitz, M. - "Indirect Readout of DNA Sequence by Papillomavirus E2 Proteins Depends Upon Net Cation Uptake"  - J. Mol. Biol, 2006, 358, 224–240 

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Sivolob A.V., Khrapunov S.N.-“Translatioal Positioning of Nucleosomes on DNA: The Role  of  Sequence-dependent  Isotropic  DNA  Bending Stiffness”.-J. Mol. Biol., 1995,247,918-931.

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