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Dr. Matthew R. Anderson, M.D.

Matthew R. Anderson, M.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Family and Social Medicine

Areas of Research: Social Determinants HIV in Guatemala Mass Incarceration

Professional Interests


Medical School: Harvard Medical School
Residency: Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Family Medicine)

Professional Activity

Much of my current activity (2016) involves managing the Social Medicine Curriculum for the Department of Family and Social Medicine. In this position I help organize our fall Orientation course (http://www.montepcsm.com/social-medicine-orientation-2015) and our spring Health Systems course (http://www.montepcsm.com/health-systems-2015)

Please visit our on-line journal Social Medicine (www.socialmedicine.info); published in Spanish as Medicina Social (www.medicinasocial.info). We are proud to be publishing a bilingual journal in close collaboration with ALAMES, the Latin American Social Medicine Association. A small Arabic supplement is anticipated for 2016.

To answer the question "What is Social Medicine?" please visit our Social Medicine Portal (www.socialmedicine.org). This is a very active blog presenting an alternative to corporate medicine.

For a list of our Rounds, see www.socialmedicinerounds.org.

My research activities can be seen in my list of publications. I sponsor a small number of students to do research at the Clinica Familiar Luis Angel Garcia, an AIDS specialty clinic in Guatemala City. This is one of my favorite activities and AECOM students have been very received at the clinic. Write to me at BronxDoc@gmail.com. 10/09/2006. I also maintain an active clincal practice as a hospitalist.

Finally, I do historical research on German Social Medicine from roughly 1880 to 1934.

Selected Publications


  1. Liggett, A.,Medina, N., Samayoa, B., Mercado, D., Arathoon, E., Anderson, M., Anderson, M. Is Expanded HIV Testing Associated With Earlier HIV Diagnosis?  Results from an HIV Clinic in Guatemala City. JIAPAC, (in press).
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