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Barry S. Zingman, M.D.

Dr. Barry S. Zingman

Professor of Clinical Medicine, Department of Medicine (Infectious Diseases)


Professional Interests

Barry S. Zingman, M.D., has been the Medical Director of the AIDS Center at Montefiore since 2003 following his service as Medical Director of the AIDS Center's Center for Positive Living/Infectious Diseases (CPL/ID) Clinic for five years.

Dr. Zingman directs the largest multidisciplinary and multispecialty adult HIV/AIDS program in New York State. He has been Principal Investigator or Medical Director on over 50 HIV/AIDS-related research p rotocols and grants. These currently include grants from HRSA and the New York State Department of Health's AIDS Institute for multidisciplinary HIV primary care and testing; an HIV/Hepatitis C Co-Infection Program; an HIV mental health program; a study of HIV neutralizing antibodies; and studies of new antiretrovirals including CCR5 inhibitors, other entry inhibitors, and other agents and regimens.

Dr. Zingman is the Adult Patient Coordinator for the Clinical Core of the NIH-funded Einstein/Montefiore Center for AIDS Research and a member of the unit's Steering Committee. He directs an HIV research team consisting of 2 study coordinators that enrolls over 200 patients per year into research protocols. 

Dr. Zingman is Professor of Clinical Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is currently Vice-Chair of the NYS AIDS Institute's Quality of Care Advisory Committee and Vice-Chair of the AIDS Institute's Medical Care Criteria Committee (the principal bodies setting HIV care standards in NYS); member of the HRSA Ryan White Part C/D HIVQual Clinical Advisory Committee; and Chair or Member on numerous other state and national HIV quality and standard of care subcommittees. He is a practicing infectious diseases subspecialist and maintains an active patient panel in the CPL/ID Clinic.


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Montefiore Medical Center
AIDS Center
111 East 210th Street
Bronx, NY 10467

Tel: 718.920.2647
Fax: 718.405.0610

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