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Dr. Susan D. Klugman, M.D.

Susan D. Klugman, M.D.

Professor, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health (Reproductive & Medical Genetics)

Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Director of Reproductive Genetics, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health

Areas of Research: Prenatal Diagnosis Non Invasive Prenatal Screening Expanded Carrier Screening Hereditary Cancer Syndromes Jewish Genetics Zika Genetic Education

Selected Publications

Syeda M, Upadhyay K, Loke J, Klugman S, Pearlman A, Shao Y, Ostrer H, Prediction of breast cancer risk based on flow variant analysis of circulating peripheral blood B cells, Genetics in Medicine, March 16, 2017

Aung C, Greb A, Kalia I, Bajaj K, Klugman S, Patient Perspectives on Intimate Partner Violence Discussion during Genetic Counseling Sessions, Journal of Genetic Counseling, December 9, 2016

Wiesman C, Rose E, Grant A, Zimlover A, Klugman S, Schreiber-Agus N, Experiences from a pilot program bringing BRCA1/2 genetic screening to the U.S. Ashkenazi Jewish population - The BRCAcommunity Initiative: Results and Reflections from Year 1, Genetics in Medicine, October 2016

Gregg A, Skotko BG, Benkendorf JL, Monaghan KG, Bajaj K, Best RG, Klugman S, Watson MS, Noninvasive prenatal screening for fetal aneuploidy, 2016 update: a position statement of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, Genetics in Medicine, October 18 2016

Shani H, Goldwaser T, Keating J, Klugman S, Chromosomal abnormalities not currently detected by cell-free fetal DNA: a retrospective analysis at a single center, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Jun 2016; 214(6):729.e1-729.

Rose E, Schreiber-Agus N, Bajaj K, Klugman S, Goldwaser T. Challenges of Pre- and Post-Test Counseling for Orthodox Jewish Individuals in the Premarital Phase. Journal of Genetic Counseling. 2016 Feb;25(1):18-24.

Wiesman C, Rose E, Klugman S, Schreiber-Agus N. From Campers to Counselors: a Resource for Prospective Genetic Counseling Students.Journal of Genetic Counseling. 2015 Nov 27

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Klugman S, Dolan SM. Expanded genetic testing in assisted reproductive technology: lessons learned from prenatal testing. Virtual Mentor 2014 Jan 1;(16)1: 38-42

Klugman S, Suskin,B, Spencer B, Dar P, Bajaj K, Powers, J, Reichling J, Wasserman D, Dolan S, Merkatz I. Clinical Utility of Chromosomal Microarray Analysis in Prenatal Diagnosis: Report of First 6 Months in Clinical Practice The Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine 2013 Nov 26

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Wapner RJ, Martin CL, Levy B, Ballif BC, Eng CM, Zachary JM, Savage M, Platt LD, Saltzman D, Grobman WA, Klugman S, Scholl T, Simpson JL, McCall K, Aggarwal VS, Bunke B, Nahum O, Patel A, Lamb AN, Thom EA, Beaudet AL, Ledbetter DH, Shaffer LG, Jackson L. Chromosomal microarray versus karyotyping for prenatal diagnosis. New England Journal of Medicine 2012 Dec    6:367(23) 2175-8

Robin,NH, Reid Sutton V, Caldwell J, Jackson J, Irons M, Demmer L, Byers P, Ellison J, Feldman J, Gross S, Klugman S, Adam A, Keppler-Noreuil K, Hopkin R, McCandless S, Sharer D, Wiesner G, Pyeritz R, Westerman J    The development and implementation of an In-service exam for medical genetics residency programs. Genetics in Medicine 2012 May 14 (5):552-7

Yachelevich N, Gittler JK, Klugman S, Feldman B, Martin J, Brooks  SS, Dobkin C, Nolin SL. Terminal deletions  of the long arm of chromosome X that include the FMR1 gene in female patients: A case series. American Journal of Medical Genetics A. 2011 Apr;155(4):870-4.

Gross, SJ, Bajaj K, Garry D, Klugman S, Karpel BM, Roe AM Wagner BJ, Zhan J, Apfelroth SD, Schreiber-Agus N: Rapid and novel prenatal molecular assay for detecting aneuploides and microdeletion syndromes. Prenatal Diagnosis 2011 31(3):259-66

Ram, KT, Klugman, SD: Best practices: antenatal screening for Common genetic conditions other than aneuploidy. Current Opinions in Obstetrics and Gynecology 2010 22(2):139-45 

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In a New York Times letter to the editor, geneticist Dr. Susan Klugman explains how new genetic tests can guide treatment when BRCA is negative but women are at high risk.

The New York Times published a letter to the editor by Dr. Susan Klugman explaining the problems with genetic tests for Tay-Sachs disease and the benefits of using enzyme testing to accurately identify carriers. 

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