Faculty Profile

Dr. Eugene J. Fine, M.D.

Eugene J. Fine, M.D.

Professor, Department of Radiology (Nuclear Medicine)

Areas of Research: Inhibition of aggressive cancers by an insulin inhibiting ketogenic diet-human trials as well as pre-clinical study. We are also interested in coupling dietary interventions with selected cancer drugs.

Professional Interests

Dr. Fine's professional interests have centered on: 

Non-invasive measurement of physiologic and molecular function, especially with radiotracer technology. This was applied to the heart and especially to measurement of kidney function and its role and contribution to hypertension; and more recently has focused on radiotracers for diagnosis, monitoring, prognosis, and identification of cancers for appropriate therapy. 

The effects of dietary and nutritional manipulation, and especially of reducing carbohydrate content, on altering our metabolic environment. Carbohydrate restriction in humans mimics many of the metabolic effects of fasting, and may be systematically studied using appropriate in vitro, cell culture, animal models and in vivo biochemical and radiotracer techniques. Of particular interest is the potential for differential systemic metabolic effects on normal compared to malignant/transformed cells. 


Selected Publications

 Newer references relate primarily to ketogenic diets and their effects on cancer, diabetes, and other aspects of physiology/pathophysiology


Fine EJ, Segal-Isaacson CJ, Feinman R, Sparano J: Carbohydrate restriction in patients with advanced cancer: a protocol to assess safety and feasibility with an accompanying hypothesis. Commun Oncol 2008;5:22–2

Fine EJ, Miao W, Koba W, Volek JS, Blaufox, MD: Chronic effects of dietary carbohydrate variation on 18F-2, Fluoro 2,deoxy-glucose uptake in rodent heart. Nuclear Med Communications Sep 2009: 30(9):675-80

Fine EJ, Miller A, Quadros EV, Sequeira JM, Feinman RD: Acetoacetate reduces growth and ATP concentration in cancer cell lines which over-express uncoupling protein 2. Cancer Cell Intl 2009, 9:14 http://www.cancerci.com/content/9/1/14

Fine EJ, Segal-Isaacson CJ,Feinman RD, Herszkopf S, Romano MC, Tomuta N, Bontempo AF, Negassa A, Sparano JA: Targeting insulin inhibition as a metabolic therapy in advanced cancer: A pilot safety and feasibility dietary trial in ten patients. Nutrition (Elsevier) 2012: Oct;28(10):1028-35. doi:10.1016/j.nut..05.001. Epub 2012 Jul 26.

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Older references mostly concerning renal function, hypertension diagnosis, nuclear medicine techniques,

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