Faculty Profile

Dr. Mooyeon Oh-Park, M.D.

Mooyeon Oh-Park, M.D.

Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, The Arthur S. Abramson Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology

Professional Interests

Dr. Mooyeon Oh-Park, M.D., graduated from the Seoul National University College of Medicine. With a background in rehabilitation medicine, she wants to contribute to keeping the aging population active as a priority in healthcare.  Her purpose in Rehabilitation research is to identify the older individuals early in the process of disablement, and to develop mechanism based interventions for mobility difficulty. As a member of Division of Cognitive and Motor Aging, her research involves quantitative measure of gait and balance using instrumented carpet and Swaystar inclinometer. Her eventual goal is early detection of mobility decline and dissemination of interventions for prevention of mobility decline.

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