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Dr. Meelad M. Dawlaty, Ph.D.

Meelad M. Dawlaty, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics

Areas of Research: (1) Epigenetics of embryonic stem cells and development. (2) Epigenetic reprogramming and iPSCs (3) DNA methylation, demethylation and hydroxylation in stem cells, development and cancer. (4) Tet enzymes. (5) Mouse genetics

Professional Interests

My research focuses on understanding the epigenetic mechanisms governing the biology of stem cells, development and cancer with an emphasis on the role of DNA modifying enzymes DNMTs and Tets in DNA (de)methylation and hydroxymethylation in pluripotent, multipotent and germ cells. We utilize embryonic stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells and mice as model systems to study how these enzymes reshape the epigenome and regulate development and cancer. The lab specializes in state-of-the-art technologies of genome engineering in mouse and human embryonic stem cells and iPSCs and generating complex strains of conditional, inducible, transgenic and knockout mice to dissect epigenetic pathways and mechanisms in vitro and in vivo. For more details on our research see previous work (Dawlaty et al Cell Stem Cell 2011, Dawlaty et al Developmental Cell 2013, Dawlaty et al Developmental Cell 2014, Rudenko & Dawlaty et al Neuron 2013, Cimmino and Dawlaty et al Nature Immunology 2015).

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Selected Publications

  1. Dawlaty M.M., Breiling A., Le T., Barrasa I.M., Raddatz G., Gao Q., Powell B.E., Cheng A.W., Faull K.F., Lyko F., and Jaenisch R., Loss of Tet enzymes compromises proper differentiation of embryonic stem cells, Developmental Cell, April (2014)
  2. Dawlaty M.M., Breiling A., Le T., Raddatz G., Barrasa I.M., Cheng A.W.,Gao Q., Powell B.E., Le Z.,  Xu M., Faull K.F., Lyko F., and Jaenisch R., Combined deficiency of Tet1 and Tet2 causes epigenetic abnormalities but is compatible with postnatal development, Developmental Cell, 24(3): 310–23 February (2013)
  3. Dawlaty M.M., Ganz K, Powell BE, Hu YC, Markoulaki S, Cheng AQ, Gao Q, Kim J, Choi SW, Page DC & Jaenisch R. Tet1 is dispensable for maintaining pluripotency and its loss is compatible with embryonic and postnatal development. Cell Stem Cell, 9, 166-5, August (2011).
  4. Rudenko A.*, Dawlaty M.M.* (Shared first authors), Seo J., Cheng A.W., Meng J., Le T, Faull K.F., Jaenisch R**, and Tsai L-H **,Tet1 is critical for neuronal activity-regulated gene expression and memory extinction, Neuron, 6 (79) 1109-1122, September (2013)
  5. Cimmino L.*, Dawlaty M.M.* (Shared first authors), Ndiaye-Lobry D., Yap Y. S., Bakogianni S., Yu Y., Bhattacharyya S., Shaknovich R., Geng H., Oricchio E., Lobry C., Mullenders J., King B., Trimarchi T., Aranda-Orgilles B., Liu C., Shen S., Wendel G., Verma A.K., Jaenisch R.**, and Aifantos I. **,Tet1 is a tumor suppressor of hematopoietic malignancy, in press Nature Immunology (2015)
  6. Haoyi Wang H.*, Yang H.*, Shivalila C.S.*, Dawlaty M.M., Cheng A.W., Zhang F., and Jaenisch R., One-Step Generation of Mice Carrying Mutations in Multiple Genes by CRISPR/Cas-Mediated Genome Engineering, Cell,9;153(4):910-8, May (2013)
  7. Staerk, J., Dawlaty, M.M., Gao, Q., Maetzel, D., Hanna, J., Sommer, C.A., Mostoslavsky, G., & Jaenisch, R.  Reprogramming of human peripheral blood cells to induced pluripotent stem cells. Cell Stem Cell, 7, 20-24 (2010). 
  8. Kim JP, Su SC, Wang H, Cheng AW, Cassady JP, Lodato MA, Lengner CJ, Chung C-Y, Dawlaty M.M., Tsai L-H & Jaenisch R.  Functional integration of dopaminergic neurons directly converted from mouse fibroblasts,  Cell Stem Cell, 9(5) 413-419, (2011).
  9. Kim JP, Lengner CJ, Kirak O, Hanna J, Cassady JP, Lodato MA, Wu S, Faddah DA, Steine EJ, Gao Q, Fu D, Dawlaty M.M. & Jaenisch R.  Reprogramming of postnatal neurons into induced pluripotent stem cells by defined factors.  Stem Cells 29, 992-1000 (2011).
  10. Theunissen T.W., Powell B.E., Wang H., Mitalipova M., Faddah D., Reddy R., Fan Z.P., Maetzel D., Ganz K., Shi L., Lungjangwa T., Imsoonthornruksa S.,Stelzer Y., Rangarajan S., D’Alessio A, Zhang J., Gao Q., Dawlaty M.M., Young R.A., Gray N.S. and Jaenisch R., Systematic Identification of Culture Conditions for Induction and Maintenance of Naive Human Pluripotency, Cell Stem Cell 15, 1–17, October (2014)
  11. Piccolo F.M., Bagci H., Brown K., Landeira D., Soza‐Ried J., Feytout A., Moojman D., Hajkova P., Leitch H.G., Tada T., Kriaucionis S, Dawlaty M.M., Jaenisch R., Merkenschlager M. & Fisher A.G., Different roles for Tet1 and Tet2 proteins in reprogramming-mediated erasure of imprints induced by EG cell fusion, Molecular Cell 49(6):1023-33, March (2013)
  12. Huang H., Jiang X., Li Z., Li Y., Song X., He C., Sun M., Chen P., Gurbuxani S., Wang J., Hong G., Elkahloun A., Arnovitz S., Wang J., Szulwach K., Lin L., Street C., Wunderlich M., Dawlaty M.M., Neilly M., Jaenisch R., Yang F., Mulloy J., Jin P., Liu P., Rowley J., Xu M., He C., and Chen J., TET1 plays an essential oncogenic role in MLL-rearranged leukemia, PNAS, USA, 110(29):11994-9 July (2013
  13. Dawlaty, M. M., Malureanu, L., Jeganathan, K. B., Kao, E., Sustmann, C., Tahk, S.,  Shuai, K., Grosschedl, R., and van Deursen, J. M., Resolution of sister centromeres requires RanBP2-mediated SUMOylation of Topoisomerase IIa. Cell 133, 103-115.  (2008).
  14. Baker, D.J.*, Dawlaty, M.M.* (Shared first authors), Wijshake, T., Jeganathan, K. B., Malureanu, L., van Ree, J. H., Crespo-Diaz, R., S. Reyes, L. Seaburg, V. Shapiro, A. Behfar, A. Terzic, B. van de Sluis, and J.M. van Deursen. Increased expression of BubR1 protects against aneuploidy and cancer and extends healthy lifespan. Nature Cell Biology, 14(1), 1–9, (2012).
  15. Dawlaty, M. M. & van Deursen, J. M. Gene targeting methods for studying nuclear transport factors in mice. Methods 39, 370-8 (2006).
  16. Baker, D. J., Dawlaty, M. M., Galardy, P., and van Deursen J. M. , Mitotic regulation of the anaphase promoting complex (APC/C), J. M. Cell Mol Life Sci 64, 589-600 (2007).

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