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Dr. Elizabeth K. Seng, Ph.D.

Elizabeth K. Seng, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor, The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology

Professional Interests

Dr. Seng's research is broadly focused on improving management of migraine and painful conditions through modifying behaviors, thoughts, and lifestyle factors. 

Her current research focuses on improving treatment of migraine and other painful conditions by 1) developing and evaluating various behavioral strategies to improve migraine and pain management, 2) describing and evaluating methods to improve in-the-moment decision-making regarding adherence to medication and lifestyle recommendations, and 3) identifying modifiable factors associated with higher disease-related disability in these clinical populations. 

Selected Publications

Seng EK, Klepper JE. Development of the Cogniphobia Scale for Headache Disorders (CS-HD): a pilot study. Psychol Assessment (2017). doi: 10.1037/pas0000432 

Seng EK, Buse DC, Klepper JE, Mayson SJ, Grinberg AS, Grosberg BM, Pavlovic JM, Robbins MS, Vollbracht SE, Lipton RB. Psychological factors associated with chronic migraine and severe migraine-related disability: an observational study in a tertiary headache center. Headache (2017). doi: 10.111/head.13021.

Seng EK, Robbins MA, Nicholson RA. Acute migraine medication adherence, migraine disability and patient satisfaction: a naturalistic diary study. Cephalalgia. (2016). doi: 10.1177/0333102416663459

Seng EK, Cervoni C, Lawson JL, Oken T, Sheldon S, McKee DM, Bonuck KA. The burden of sleep problems: a pilot observational study in an ethnically diverse urban primary care setting. J Prim Care Community Health. (2016). PII 2150131916651068

Seng EK, Nicholson RA, Holroyd KA. Development of a measure of self-efficacy for acute headache medication adherence. J Behav Med. (2016). Dec;39(6):1033-1042

Fraenkel L, Seng EK, Cunningham M, Mattocks K. Understanding how patients (vs physicians) approach the decision to escalate treatment: a proposed conceptual model. Rheumatology. 2015 Feb; 54(2):278-85.

Seng EK, Holroyd KA. Behavioral migraine management modifies behavioral and cognitive coping in people with migraine. Headache. 2014 Oct; 54(9):1470-83. 

Seng EK, Holroyd KA. Optimal use of acute headache medication: a qualitative examination of behaviors and barriers to their performance. Headache. 2013 Oct; 53(9): 1438-50.

Seng EK, Driscoll MA, Brandt CA, Bathulapalli H, Goulet J, Silliker J, Kerns RD, Haskell SG. Prescription headache medication in OEF/OIF veterans: results from the Women Veterans Cohort Study. Headache. 2013 Sep; 53(8):1312-22.

Seng EK, Holroyd KA. Psychiatric comorbidity and response to preventive therapy in the treatment of severe migraine trial. Cephalalgia. 2012 Apr; 32(5):390-400.

Suhr J, Seng EK. Neuropsychological functioning in migraine: clinical and research implications. Cephalalgia. 2012 Jan; 32(1):39-54.

Zhu Q, Liu C, Holroyd KA, Seng EK.  Status and trends of mobile-health applications for iOS devices: a developer’s perspective. Journal of Systems and Software. 2011; 84(11):2022-2033.

Seng EK, Holroyd KA. The dynamics of changes in self-efficacy and locus of control expectancies in the behavioral and drug treatment of severe migraine. Ann Behav Med. 2010 Dec; 40(3):235-47. 

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