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Dr. Teresa V. Bowman, Ph.D.

Teresa V. Bowman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Developmental & Molecular Biology

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine (Oncology)

Areas of Research: Mechanisms of hematopoietic stem cells formation and regeneration; pre-mRNA splicing regulation of hematopoiesis; epigenetic control of hematopoiesis; identification of novel therapeutics for myelodysplastic syndrome

Professional Interests

Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are one of the most widely utilized stem cell populations in the clinic today, in large part due to their robust ability to regenerate and replace the entire blood system after myeloablative injuries. Our research focuses on uncovering the molecular mechanisms underlying how HSCs respond to these injuries. Specifically, we are interested in identifying the key components for directing HSC fate decisions during regeneration. Our studies combine the advantages of zebrafish and murine models to explore the development and genetic regulation of HSC stress response. Zebrafish offer powerful genetic pliability, easily accessible in vivo imaging, numerous transplantation assays, and screening capabilities. Mouse models provide the most robust HSC transplantation assays and the capacity to isolate highly homogeneous HSC populations. Through these studies, we anticipate identifying factors that are critical in the HSC regenerative response, which can be used to inform therapeutic strategies to improve hematopoietic outcomes following myeloablative treatments as well as HSC derivation from pluripotent stem cells. 

Selected Publications

  1. De La Garza A, Cameron RC, Gupta V, Fraint E, Nik S, and Bowman TV. The Splicing Factor Sf3b1 Regulates Erythroid Maturation and Proliferation via TGFβ signaling. Blood Advances, 2019; 3(14):2093-3104. PMCID: PMC6650725.
  2. Nik S and Bowman TV. Splicing Factors in Neurodegeneration. WIREs RNA,2019; 10(4):e1532. 
  3. Sorrells S*, Nik S*, Casey M, Cameron RC, Truong H, Toruno C, Gulfo M, Lowe A, Jette C, Stewart RA#, Bowman TV#. Spliceosomal components protect embryonic neurons from R-loop-mediated DNA damage and apoptosis. Disease Models and Mechanisms, 2018; 11(2): dmm031583. PMCID: PMC5894942. *Equal contribution. #Co-Corresponding authors.  
  4. Potts KS and Bowman TV. Modeling Myeloid Malignancies Using Zebrafish. Frontiers Oncology. 2017; 7:297. PMCID: PMC5722844.
  5. Habbsa S*, McKinstry M*, and Bowman TV. "Sea"-ing is Believing: In Vivo Imaging of Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Cancer Using Zebrafish. Current Stem Cell Reports, 2017
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