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Dr. Yinghao Wu, Ph.D.

Yinghao Wu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Systems & Computational Biology

Professional Interests

Cell adhesion is crucial for many biological phenomena such as tissue morphogenesis, immune response and tumor invasion. The aggregations of membrane receptors on cellular interfaces during these physical processes initiate the elaborate intracellular networks of signaling pathways. Despite of remarkable experimental achievements, there is still long way to eventually form a mechanistic understanding to cell adhesion, and further decipher its intricate connection to signal transduction. By integrating computational analysis with experimental measurements, our lab focuses on developing multi-scale modeling frameworks to study the cross-talks between cell adhesion and cell signaling. We are particularly interested to ask following questions: why and how different cells form contacts; when and where these contacts are formed at specific locations of our bodies; what are their functional impacts to the downstream signaling pathways, and further to our human health.

Selected Publications

1) Y. Wu, J. Vendome, L. Shapiro, A. Ben-Shaul and H. Honig, "Transforming Binding Affinities from Three Dimension to Two With Application to Cadherin Clustering". Nature 475: 510-513. 


2) O. Harrison, X. Jin, S. Hong, F. Bahna1, G. Ahlsen, J. Brasch, Y. Wu, J. Vendome, K. Felsovalyi, etc. "The extracellular architecture of adherens junctions revealed by crystal structures of type I cadherins". Structure (2011) 19:244-256.


3) Y. Wu, X. Jin, O. Harrison, L. Shapiro, H. Honig and A. Ben-Shaul, "Cooperativity between trans and cis interactions in cadherin-mediated junction formation". P.N.A.S. (2010) 107 (41) 17592-17597. 


4) Y. Wu, AD. Dousis, M. Chen, J. Li, and J. Ma, "OPUS-Dom: Applying the Folding-Based Method VECFOLD to Determine Protein Domain Boundaries". J. Mol. Biol. (2009) 385, 1314-1329.


5) M. Chen, AD. Dousis, Y. Wu, and J. Ma, "Predicting protein folding cores by empirical potential functions". Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics (2009) 483, 16-22.


6) Y. Wu, M. Lu, M. Chen, J. Li, and J. Ma, "OPUS-Ca: A knowledge-based potential function requiring only C-alpha Positions". Protein Science (2007) 16, 1449-1463.


7) M. Chen, C.J. Wilson, Y. Wu, P. Wittung-Stafshede, and J. Ma, "Correlation between Protein Stability Cores and Protein Folding Kinetics: A Case Study on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Apo-Azurin". Structure (2006) 14, 1-10.


8) Y. Wu, X. Tian, M. Lu, M. Chen, Q. Wang and J. Ma, "Folding of Small Helical Proteins Assisted by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Profiles". Structure (2005) 13, 1587-1597.


9) Y. Yuan, Y. Wu and J. Zi, "Heat Capacities of Globular Proteins". J. of Phys.: Condensed Matter, (2005) 17, 469-473.


10) Y. Wu, M. Chen, M. Lu, Q. Wang and J. Ma, "Determining Protein Topology from Skeletons of Secondary Structures". J. Mol. Biol. (2005) 350, 571-586.


11) Y. Wu and J. Ma, "Refinement of F-actin Model against Fiber Diffraction Data by Long-Range Normal Modes". Biophysical J. (2004) 86, 116-124.


12) Y. Wu and J. Ma, "Normal-mode-based Refinement of an F-actin Model Against Fiber Diffraction Data". Fiber Diffraction Review, (2004) 12, 25-28.


13) D. Ming, Y. Kong, Y. Wu and J. Ma, "Simulation of F-actin filaments of Several Microns". Biophysical J. (2003) 85, 27-35.


14) Y. Kong, D. Ming, Y. Wu, J. Stoops, H. Zhou and J. Ma, "Conformational Flexibility of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complexes: A Computational Analysis by QEDM". J. Mol. Biol. (2003) 330, 129-135.


15) D. Ming, Y. Kong, Y. Wu and J. Ma, "Substructure Synthesis Method for Simulating Large Molecular Complexes". P.N.A.S. (2003) 100, 104-109.


16) Y. Wu and J. Zi, "Universal Behavior of Localization of Residue Fluctuations in Globular Proteins". Physical Reviews E. (2003) 67, 041909-041912.

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