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Jessica C. Mar, Ph.D.

Dr. Jessica C. Mar

Selected Publications

Selected publications:

Mar JC, Matigian NA, Mackay-Sim A, Miotto A, Mellick G, Sue C, Silburn P, McGrath J, Quackenbush J, Wells CA. (2011). Variance of gene expression identifies altered network constraints in neurological disease. PLoS Genetics. Aug;7(8):e1002207 [paper].

Mar JC, Matigian NA, Quackenbush J, Wells CA. (2011). attract: A method for identifying core pathways that define cell phenotypes. PLoS One. 6(10):e25445. [paper]

Mar JC#, Wells CA, Quackenbush J#. (2011). Defining an Informativeness Metric for Clustering Gene Expression Data. Bioinformatics. Feb 16. [paper]

Mar JC, Quackenbush J. (2009). Decomposition of Gene Expression State Space Trajectories. PLoS Computational Biology. Dec;5(12):e1000626. [paper]


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Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Michael F. Price Center
1301 Morris Park Avenue , Room 253A
Bronx, NY 10461

Tel: 718.678.1251
Fax: 718.678.1019

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