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S. Zev Williams, M.D.

Dr. S. Zev Williams

Professional Interests

Areas of Focus: Miscarriage, recurrent pregnancy loss, infertility.

Zev Williams MD PhD, completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Brigham and Women's Hospital/Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard Medical School and his fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Weill-Cornell. His clinical and research focus is infertility with a special emphasis in helping those  suffering from recurrent miscarriages.


Miscarriage Research

Miscarriage is the most common complication of pregnancy affecting 1 in 5 pregnancies.  However, in most cases the cause is not known.  Our research utilizes clinical patient samples, cell and animal models to discover new causes of miscarriage with a goal of developing novel diagnostics and therapeutics.


Extracellular RNA

We recently comprehensively and quantitatively profiled microRNAs in circulation and were able to demonstrate tissue-specificity in origin of the microRNAs.  Using the placenta as a model, we were further able to show that the microRNA fingerprint was sufficient to match the microRNA signature in a particular serum sample  with the placenta from which the microRNAs were derived.  As part of the NIH extracellular RNA (exRNA) consortium ( we are now expanding this research to fully profile exRNAs and utlizing them for non-invasive monitoring of disease.


Selected Publications

Prosdocimo, D., Anand, P., Liao, X., Zhu, H., Shelkay, S., Artero-Calderon, P., Zhang, L., Kirsh, J., Moore, D., Rosca, M.G., Vazquez, E., Kerner, J., Akat, K.M., Williams, Z., Zhao, J., Fujioka, H., Tuschl, T., Bai, X., Schulze, P.C., Hoppel, C.L., Jain, M.K., Haldar, S.M. KLF15 is a Critical Regulator of Cardiac Lipid Metabolism. (2014) JBC. In press.

Kudesia R, Li M, Smith J, Patel A, Williams Z. Rescue karyotyping: a case series of array-based comparative genomic hybridization evaluation of archival conceptual tissue.  (2014) Reprod Biol Endocrinol. 12:19-27.

Williams, Z., Ben-Dov, I.Z., Elias, R., Mihailovic, A., Brown, M., Rosenwaks, Z., Tuschl., T. (2013). Comprehensive profiling of circulating microRNA via small RNA sequencing of cDNA libraries reveals biomarker potential and limitations. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 110:4255-60.

Williams, Z. (2012) Inducing tolerance to pregnancy. N Engl J Med. 367:1159-61.

Ascano, M., Mukherjee, N., Bandaru, P., Miller, JB., Nusbaum, J., Corcoran, J., Langlois, C., Munschauer, M., Hafner, M., Williams, Z., Ohler, U., and Tuschl, T. (2012) FMR1 targets distinct mRNA sequence elements to regulate protein expression. Nature. 492: 382-6.

Williams Z., Banks E., Bkassiny M., Jayaweera S.K., Elias R., Veeck L., Rosenwaks Z. (2012) Reducing multiples: a mathematical formula that accurately predicts rates of singletons, twins, and higher-order multiples in women undergoing in vitro fertilization. Fertil Steril. 98:1474-80.



More Information About Dr. S. Zev Williams

The Program for Early and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (PEARL)

NIH Extracellular RNA Consortium

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Montefiore Medical Park
1695 Eastchester Road , Room 302
Bronx, NY 10461

Tel: 914.997.1060

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