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Dr. Na Song, Ph.D.

Na Song, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology (Nuclear Medicine)

Professional Interests

Quantitative imaging methods for patient specific targeted radionuclide therapy. (TRT) In targeted radionuclide therapy, accurate in vivo dosimetry is essential for treatment planning. Currently dose estimation is based on the medical internal radiation dose (MIRD) schema, which requires the cumulated activity estimated from a series of patient scans as input. Therefore, the development of both 2D and 3D methods to improve the accuracy and precision of organ activity estimates from patient scans plays important role both in the development of patient-specific therapeutic plans and in clinical trials investigating the dose response relationship.

Selected Publications

  1. N. Song, B. He and E. C. Frey, “The Effect of Volume-of-Interest Misregistration on Quantitative Planar Activity and Dose Estimation”, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 55 (18) 5483-5497, 2010.
  2. N. Song, Y. Du, B. He and E. C. Frey, “Development and Evaluation of a Model-based Downscatter Compensation Method for Quantitative I-131 SPECT”, Medical Physics, 38 (6) 3193-3204, 2011.
  3. N. Song, B. He, R. L. Wahl and E. C. Frey, “EQPlanar: A Maximum-Likelihood (ML) Method for Accurate Organ Activity Estimation from Wholebody Planar Projections”, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 56(17) 5503-24, 2011.

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