Faculty Profile

Dr. Fabien Delahaye, Ph.D.

Fabien Delahaye, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics

Director, Computational Genomics Core, Department of Genetics

Areas of Research: Developing new analytical approaches for data integration to better understand the regulatory landscape and its implication in disease susceptibility with focus on early exposure and age-related diseases.

Selected Publications

Delahaye F, N A Wijetunga, H Heo,J Tozour, Y Zhao, J Greally and FH Einstein Sexual dimorphism in epigenomic responses of stem cells to extreme fetal growth Nature Communications, 5:5187, 2014

N A Wijetunga*, Delahaye F*, Y Zhao, Aaron Golden, Jessica C.Mar, FH Einstein and J Greally The meta-epigenomic structure of purified human stem cell populations is defined at cis-regulatory sequences  Nature Communications, 5:5195, 2014

Wijetunga NA, Maekawa R, Johnston A, Delahaye F, Ulahannan N, Kim K and Greally JM. SMITE: an R package that identifies network modules by integrating genomic and epigenomic information. BMC Bioinformatics. 2017 Jan 18;18(1):41. doi: 10.1186/s12859-017-1477-3.

Williams L*,Seki Y*, Delahaye F*, Cheng A, Einstein FH, Fuloria M and Charron MJ. DNA hypermethylation of CD3+ T-cells from cord blood of intrauterine growth restricted humans. Diabetologia. 2016 Aug;59(8):1714-23. doi: 10.1007/s00125-016-3983-7.

Tozour J, Delahaye F, Suzuki M, Praiss A, Zhao Y, Cui L, Heo HJ, Greally J, Hughes F. Intrauterine hyperglycemia is associated with an impaired postnatal response to oxidative damage. Stem Cells Dev. 2018 Mar 29. doi: 10.1089/scd.2017.0232. [Epub ahead of print]

Heo HJ*,Tozour JN*, Delahaye F, Zhao Y, Cui  L, Barzilai N and Einstein FH. Advanced aging phenotype is revealed by epigenetic modifications in rat liver after in utero malnutrition. Aging Cell. 2016 Oct;15(5):964-72. doi: 10.1111/acel.12505.

Wijetunga NA, Pascual M, Tozour J, Delahaye F, Alani M, Adeyeye M, Wolkoff AW, Verma A, Greally JM. A pre-neoplastic epigenetic field defect in HCV-infected liver at transcription factor binding sites and polycomb targets. Oncogene, 2017 Apr 6;36(14):2030-2044. doi: 10.1038/onc.2016.340.

Tabrizian T, Wang D, Guan F, Hu Z, Beck AP, Delahaye F and Huffman DM. Apc inactivation, but not obesity, synergize with PTEN deficiency to drive intestinal stem cell-derived tumorigenesis. Endocrine-Related Cancer, 2017 Jun;24(6):253-265. doi: 10.1530/ERC-16-0536.

Mao K, Quipildor GF, Tabrizian T, Novaj A, WaltersRO, GuanF, DelahayeF, HubbardGB, Ikeno Y, EjimaK, LiP, AllisonDB, BeltranPJ, CohenP, Barzilai N and Huffman DF. Late-life targeting of the IGF-1 receptor improves healthspan and survival in female mice, Nature Communications, 2018

Delahaye F, Breton C, Risold PY, Enache M, Dutriez-Casteloot I, Laborie C, Lesage J, Vieau D. Maternal perinatal undernutrition drastically reduces postnatal leptin surge and affects the development of arcuate nucleus proopiomelanocortin neurons in neonatal male rat pups. Endocrinology 149:470-475, 2008.

Delahaye F, Lukaszewski MA, CISSE O, Dutriez-Casteloot I, Montel V, Dickes-Coopman A, Laborie C, Lesage J, Breton C, Vieau D. Maternal perinatal undernutrition programs a “brown-like” phenotype of gonadal white fat in male rat at weaning. The journal American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology 2010 Jul;299(1):R101-10. Epub 2010 May 12.

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