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Dr. Zhengdong Zhang, Ph.D.

Zhengdong Zhang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Genetics

Areas of Research: Genetics of complex human diseases, Systems biology, Aging, Alzheimer's disease

Professional Interests

With recent resource and technology development, biology has entered a new data-driven phase in the 21st century. The research interests of this lab are bioinformatics and systems biology, focusing on algorithm development, data integration, and software implementation. With the advent of new DNA sequencing technologies, it is a particularly challenging and exciting time now to do such computational work, as more and more biological data are being generated at an ever-accelerating speed.

Please visit my lab website zdzlab.einstein.yu.edu for a list of current research projects.

Selected Publications

Please visit my lab website zdzlab.einstein.yu.edu for a list of publications.

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