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Dr. David Cowburn, Ph.D.

David Cowburn, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Biochemistry

Professor, Department of Physiology & Biophysics

Areas of Research: Structural molecular biology; structure/function relationships in the immune system, signal transduction, and nuclear transport; NMR; integration of simulation of time dependent processes and experiment; protein engineering.

Professional Interests

David Cowburn's research centers on the application of structural biology, and particularly, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), to biological problems. He develops and applies useful new methods to challenging problems not readily addressed by standard methods.  Some significant structural contributions include the first SH2 domain, the first proapoptotic BCL family member, high affinity complexes of specific SH3/ligands and stapled peptides/targets, and pleckstrin homology domain/PIP interactions.  Methodological contributions cover new isotopic labeling methods, especially segmental labeling by expressed protein ligation, and production of kinases for NMR analysis; analysis of relaxation properties for weak self association, motion of multiple domains, contribution of CSA; in-cell NMR with advanced expression methods; mimics of protein-protein interactions, and molecular dynamics and NMR simulation methods. A significant area of focus is the structural biology of protein domains in signal transduction, including SH2, SH3, kinase, phosphatase, PH domains, and many others, and how natural ligands interact with them. Signaling disorders related to these domains lead to many disease states. Using NMR, there is a strong effort to understand how intrinsically disordered systems can have significant functions roles in the nuclear pore.  This project involves also scattering techniques and extensive simulation to probe kinetic properties


 He was a faculty member at Rockefeller University 1973-2000, and served as the start-up President and CEO of the New York Structural Biology Center, 2000-2010.

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Reviewed publications not in PubMed :

107.      Goger, M. J., McDonnell, J. M., and Cowburn, D. (2003). “Using cryoprobes to decrease acquisition times of triple-resonance experiments used for protein resonance assignments”. Spectroscopy-an International Journal 17, 161-167.

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7.         Stoner, E. C.; Cowburn, D.; Craig, L. C. "Examination of volatile metabolites in plasma." (1975) Anal. Chem. 47 344-6   



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Chemical & Engineering News interviews David Cowburn, Ph.D., about conflicting reports on the efficacy of stapled peptides, protein fragments chemically locked into an α-helical shape, and their potential for drug development. Dr. Cowburn, who has used stapled peptides to interfere with HIV assembly, notes that stapling is not easy and many adjustments need to be made to create a peptide that will work successfully within a cell. Dr. Cowburn is professor of biochemistry and of physiology & biophysics.

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