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Dr. Ryung S. Kim, Ph.D.

Ryung S. Kim, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology & Population Health

Areas of Research: big data such as electronic health records, studies nested in cohorts, complex survey data, statistical genomics, evaluation of community health programs

Professional Interests

Dr. Kim conducts research on big data (of electronic health records), epidemiological study methods, statistical genomics, and evaluation of community health programs. He is also a biostatistician for the Albert Einstein Cancer Center and for the Harold and Muriel Block Institute for Clinical and Translational Research.

Selected Publications

Kim RS, Weinberger AH, Chander G, Sulkowski MS, Norton B, Shuter J. Cigarette smoking in persons living with hepatitis C: The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 1999-2014.The American Journal of Medicine, 2018;131(6):669-675

Kim RS, Kang M, Kim Y, Lee HY, The unified scores of governance capacity in the administrative and political dimensions using a Bayesian latent variable analysis, Public Money & Management, 2018;38(7):527-530.

Kim RS, A New Comparison of Nested Case-Control and Case-Cohort Designs and Methods, European Journal of Epidemiology: 2015; 30(3): 197-207. 

Kim RS, Ashley JD, Corcoran ME, A Nationally Representative Economic Survey Five Months after the Haitian Earthquake: Radical Changes in Household Members and Gender Discrepancy in Employment Retention, Statistical Journal of the International Association of Official Statistics, 2014; 30(4): 341–346.

Kim RS, Kaplan R, Analysis of Secondary Outcomes in Nested Case-Control Study Designs, Statistics in Medicine, 2014:33 (24): 4215-26

Kim RS, Analysis of Nested Case-Control Study Designs: Revisiting the Inverse Probability Weighting Method, Communications for Statistical Applications and Methods, 2013: 20(6): 455–66

Kim RS, Lesser Known Facts about Nested Case-Control Designs, Editorial, Journal of Translational Medicine & Epidemiology, 2013: 1(1): 1007.

Kim RS, Avivar-Valderas A, Estrada Y, Bragado P, Sosa MS, Aguirre-Ghiso JA, Segall JE, Dormancy signatures and metastasis in estrogen receptor positive and negative breast cancer, PLoS ONE, 2012; 7(4): e35569

Kim RS, Lin J, Multi-level Mixed Effects Models for Bead Arrays. Bioinformatics 2011; 27(5): 633–640.

Kim RS, Weitz R, Heffernan N, Krach N, Tutored Problem Solving vs. “Pure” Worked Examples, In N.A. Taatgen, H. van Rijn (Eds.), Proceedings of the 31st Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Cognitive Science Society, Austin, TX, 2009, pp. 3121–3126

Kim RS, Ji H, Wong WH, An improved distance measure between the expression profiles linking co-expression and co-regulation in mouse, BMC Bioinformatics, 2006;7:44.

Bachoo R*, Kim RS* (co-first authors), Ligon K*, Maher E, Brennan C, Billings N, Chan S, Li C, Rowitch D, Wong WH, DePinho R, Molecular diversity of astrocytes with implications for neurological disorders, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2004; 101: 8384-8389.

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