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Dr. Elina Jerschow, M.D.

Elina Jerschow, M.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine (Allergy & Immunology)

Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology & Immunology

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Dr. Elina Jershow at SuperDoctorsDr. Elina Jerschow is an Associate Professor of Medicine (Allergy and Immunology) and an attending physician for pediatric and adult allergy and immunology at Einstein/Montefiore. Her research focuses on the pathogenesis of drug allergies and hypersensitivities, with a particular emphasis on the improvement of the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in drug-related allergic conditions.

After completing a research fellowship in dermatologic immunology at the University of California San Francisco and a residency in internal medicine at Jacobi Medical Center, Dr. Jerschow completed an allergy and immunology fellowship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2007. During her fellowship training, she was involved in a research project on examining possible factors contributing to increasing incidence of allergic diseases. She also initiated a project on exploration of the role of innate immunity in obesity and aging by evaluating adipose tissue macrophages using flow cytometry. This project was a part of the collaborative effort between the Division of Allergy and Immunology and the Einstein Institute for Aging Research.

Dr. Elina Jershow Top Doctor 2019After completing her fellowship, Dr. Jerschow joined Merck & Co., Inc. as an associate director in the Department of Clinical Immunology. During the work at Merck, her main research focused on the evaluation of adverse drug reactions in study participants and on developing new therapeutic targets in the area of immunology.

Dr. Jerschow returned to the Einstein/Montefiore Department of Medicine in 2009 as Director of the newly established Drug Allergy/Desensitization Center. Along with providing continuous care to patients with allergies, asthma, and immune deficiencies, one of her major objectives is to develop an active research program on the pathogenesis of drug allergies and hypersensitivities, with a particular emphasis on improving diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in drug-related allergic conditions.


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Research by Elina Jerschow, M.D. found that the most common cause of fatal allergic reactions in the United States are medicines (Medpagetoday)

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Research by Elina Jerschow, M.D. linked pesticides in tap water to risk for food allergies. Dr. Jerschow noted that high levels of dichlorophenold, a chemical used in pesticides and to chlorinate drinking water, may weaken food tolerance in some people, causing food allergy.

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The New York Times features new research by Dr. Elina Jerschow that found medications are the cause of most fatal allergic reactions.

CBSNews.com features research by Dr. Elina Jerschow that links pesticides in tap water to risk for food allergies.

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