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Aaron D. Fox, M.D.

Dr. Aaron D. Fox

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine (General Internal Medicine)


Professional Interests

Dr. Aaron Fox is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and a clinician-investigator in the Division of General Internal Medicine. He has grown up in medicine in theBronx, graduating from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2004, completing residency training at Montefiore in the Primary Care/Social Internal Medicine Program in 2007, and receiving a Masters in Clinical Research from Einstein in 2012.

Dr. Fox's research currently focuses on opioid dependence and the criminal justice system, and he has also studied resident education, buprenorphine treatment, incarceration, chronic pain, and unstable housing. Recently, he received a career development award from the NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse to study, “Buprenorphine Faciliatated Access and Supportive Treatment in Former Inmates (BUP-FAST)” and will be developing a peer mentorship intervention to engage opioid-dependent former inmates in buprenorphine treatment.

Dr. Fox is the Co-Director of the Montefiore Transitions Clinic, which provides care for patients who have recently been released from correctional facilities. He is also the course director for two medical student electives: "Research Based Health Activism" and “Health Disparities: From Awareness to Action”. He is a passionate advocate and activist.


More Information About Dr. Aaron Fox

Research Based Health Activism Elective (4th year medical students)

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Montefiore Medical Center
3300 Kossuth Avenue , Room 4
Bronx, NY 10467

Tel: 718.920.7173

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